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VK mimicked LIVER CLEANSING by Dr. PIYUSH SAXENA perfectly for me

edited October 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Last couple of months whole family is doing the process of Liver Cleansing as advised by Dr Piyush Saxena. Everyone was telling me to do that as well but my hectic schedule of work and home was not allowing me to do it.
One evening Idea came to my head to use VK to mimic the effects of this process for me
So I took a glass of water and requested VK like this
VK PLEASE MIMIC THE liver cleanse process as advised by Dr Piyush Saxena by only giving me the positive effects with safety and security for 3 times and put my VK Over glass for 15 minutes and then I had drink that water
Unbelievable !!! Next morning I passed out so many green gallstones as the rest of family members were telling me about by actually doing the procedure
The good thing was I didn't suffered from diarrhoea as it normally happens in the actual process and I didn't had to drink horrible Epsom salt mixture and raw olive oil
This is great success for me
Thanks a lot VK and thanks Sharat sir for making so many lives easier by giving us this precious gift which can mimic any healing modality or any process just with simple request


  • WOW....that's a wonderful experience Barinder ji.... Thank you for sharing
  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    WOW,,,,Simply amazing !! Thanks for sharing.

    The one thing i appreciate is your courage and trust in VK.
    Cleansing processes may sometimes release the negativity in ways which would make a person uncomfortable.

    Like you said someone experienced a person who knows about this may not easily or willingly take up such processes.

    You were courageous to do with VK as you trusted the safety and security intention with words Positive effects to VK.

    A big Kudos to the Punjab di kudi in UK.

    Loved your VK Mimicking experiment..... <3

    Gratitude to @SharatSir for amazing ways with VK and its special feature of MIMICKING

  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher mam Super amazing Sharing.
    :flushed: This is a new learning for me and i think for many users.
    You are an extra ordinary VK user, being in medical field is boon for you to have knowledge about all the processes about this Liver Cleansning process and the aftereffects.
    :smile: I will surely be trying this for my self and let you all know my experience for the same.
    :blush: Golden Sunrise to all your efforts.
    This type of sharing and VK experiences are the paybacks to our master @SharatSir ji for blessing us with VK :innocent:
  • This one is an excellent example of VK mimicking... great work @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher
  • Golden sunrise
    Thanks alot
  • Amazing result brinder ji with practical experience.For such a major vital organ.
    I am mimicking energy of some antibiotics for some infection for whom i confimed medication like thriat pain etc.and for sometimes like if i m feeling Feverish or body ache due to winters then sometimes i mimik energy of combiflame (banned drug) with safety and if i need to intake any medicine keep my VK to gv ACS to remove all side defects from medicines.
  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher , kindly let us know the whole cleansing process, this treatment I highly required
  • Thanks for the share. Golden Sunrise!
  • Wow this is an absolute answer to my prayers....
    Thank you Sharat sir for the broadcast message and mail...
    I have been earlier diagnosed with fatty liver due to my erratic lifestyle and schedules, with many other tests done, but luckily all normal... i used to get fed up sometimes watching what and how much to eat to get rid of the fatty liver and would eventually just leave the whole process as it is...

    This has come my way probably to try nd see the positive changes i hve been waiting for my health, and i am surely going to try it ....

    PS: I did chk Dr.Saxenas website, but will do it with the VK and see the effects...
    Thank you so much and i shall soon post how was the entire process on my system.
  • @Kaajal23

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your enthusiasm Do share your VK experiences on a new post in VK SUCCESS STORIES on forum

    Sure I will!!
  • That's really a motivational testimony for VK users .. Thank you Sharat Sir for inventing VK.
  • Wow amazing . . . I have been using VK to mimic homeopathic medicines from time to time with great success - gives results like the real homeopathic doses . . . . but this is superb. Thank you for sharing

  • Two points here...

    Mimicking seems to be a wonderful formula. However, using it requires a knack which seems to develop with learning through the sharing of users.

    The liver cleansing testimonials seems nothing less than miraculous.

    Thanks for the share Barindar ji...
  • Thanks everyone for all your appreciation.
  • I am wholeheartedly thankful to @SharatSir for the beautiful gift in our lives in form of VK.
    Mimicking is really very wonderful feature of VK.
    Some mimicking has become a part of daily lives like mimicking leg and foot massage after a tiring day at work,mimicking EFt etc. The list is long.
  • @Usha
    If you are actually after the original liver cleanse process you can Google liver cleanse by Dr Piyush Saxena.
    The way I did mimicked with VK is in original comment
    Hope that helps.
  • This is a miracle....Let Master Sharat's spiritual revolution continue.

  • Yes I Googled the process of cleanse. VK actually saved time and gave the direct result.Thank you Barinder. It's just like Golden Rakhi shared in this forum the use of ENERGY OF KEEGEL EXERCISE to help with urinary issue.Thank you all ! Thanks to Master Sharat for his invention.

  • I too tried the mimicking as explained by Barinder and it really helped
    Although I don't have any liver issues but I felt cleansed in morning
    Thank you for inventing VK Sharat Sir and thankyou for sharing
  • Golden Sunrise. That's wonderful
  • Golden Sunrise, this is very useful tip I would definitely try this one.
  • I require two clarifications with regard to this wonderful method shared by Barinder.
    1. Do we need to have a full knowledge of the cleansing process of Dr. Piyush Saxena for the request to be effective.
    2. Do we have to continue with the process for the number of days as prescribed by Dr Piyush Saxena in his cleansing process?

    Thanks in advance for clarification.

  • edited January 2019
    @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    Golden sunrise.What a great idea to mimick with VK. Thank you.
  • Thank you @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher ji for sharing this, it's time for liver cleansing session =)

  • Golden Sunrise.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience
  • Thanks a zillion for sharing this cleansing method. Golden sunrise
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