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13. How Many Times in a Day (Frequency) to Place a Request to VK and For How Long

  1. The number of doses or requests will depend on the severity of the situation.
  2. Generally, for energies, it can be sent 4 times or even more in a day. You can increase it to more times depending on the need.
  3. In case of critical conditions or emergencies, it can be sent every 10 to 15 min as energy is consumed there is a higher need for energy.

A. Few Examples Where Energy Need to be sent frequently:

  1. If a person is having a high fever or blood sugar goes very high or there is a severe unbearable pain, send energies every 10-15 min or as frequently as possible.
  2. If a person is hospitalized after an accident or in critical condition, send energies as frequently as possible maybe every 10-15 min.
  3. If a person is stuck in a natural calamity like earthquake or floods, send energies frequently as many times as possible.

Continue to send energies until you get the desired results with patience.
No one knows how much time it takes to manifest a wish.

B. Few Examples Where Energy Need 2 to 4 Times a Day:

  1. It may take a week for VK to build a hut and months to build a bungalow. So keep sending energy 2 to 4 times a day.
  2. It may take few weeks to months to find and get married to your dream lover. So keep sending energy to your wish till you get married to your perfect partner.
  3. It may take 8-9 months to deliver a healthy baby with VK so keep sending energies to a pregnant lady womb and her child inside the womb.


  • edited June 2018

    Please Remember: Decide the Frequency of sending Energy with the understanding of need of the person or situation.

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