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Fracture Arthritis Dislocation knee replacement

edited October 2019 in Health Discussion
Dear Team
Im excited to inform that i just received Divine VK
Right now there are 2 imp issues for which i need ur guidance
1. My mom is 75yrs old and have diagonosed as below
a. Both Shoulder Dislocation
2. Both Knee Need replacement
3. Waist have multiple fracture
4. Arthritis
5. Due to heavy medicine she got Ulcer in Mouth and she is not taking any medicine now , only 1 pain killer Voverine sr 100
Few days ago i had requested Sharat Sir to send Energies and she is feeling little better , so pl guide me now what energies need to send ? And how frequently ?

2. She is staying with her sister who is very shot tempered , and also very low in health , she keeps on fighting with the maid and everyone , maid is working to take care of mom , its difficult for a maid to stay there

In every single moment i am fearful about this situation

The above 2 situation are my priority , can u pl guide me



  • Golden Sunrise,

    Your mom only needs Vital Organ Balancing as much as possible with the chanting of Pain Care Serum.

  • Sir already guided for your mother
    You can send Golden Sunrise, Balance Serum and Calm down Serum for your Aunt.

    Please also read Cosmic Serum articles on our website for better use.
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thanks Sir , Pain Care Serum need to be Chanted by her ? Or i need to send thru VK by direct request ?
    And what about her Sister , what serum to send her , pl adv
  • Golden Sunrise
    For mouth Ulcer , need VK to rotate near mouth ?
    Thanks in Advance
  • Plz check my answer for her sister.
    For VOB the energy sender have to chant energy name.
    Please read Article of VOB on our website for details
  • VOB can be done as Proxy healing also
    Please check this link below.

    Also check this link below
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thanks Sharat Sir and Puneet Sir

    I have Been sending energy to my aunt by writing name and energy on Paper
    How frequently i need to send the energy ?

    And can i charge water with same energies as above ?
  • @Raajjhesh

    For questions on VK procedures and healing frequency please check all the posts in BASICS OF VK on this forum.
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thanks Rakhi Mam
  • Golden Sunrise
    Im doing Proxy VOB, since all body has pain and Ulcer in Mouth , should i write my moms name and full body on paper and then do VOB ? Or each organ need to mention on paper ? Pl can u guide since im new user , thanks
  • You can do separately for each organ or body part.
  • Golden Sunrise ,
    appreciate with thanks Puneet Sir
  • Golden Sunrise
    Puneet Sir , Can i do it back to back for particular organ or need to gap of 5-10minutes ?
    How much duration for each organ and how many times a day ?
  • Golden Sunrise
    Puneet Sir , in one of the report of my Mom tdy Homoglobin is less , pls suggest a combination of energy to be send/charged in water
    Im at present doing Proxy VOB with pain care serum
    One another report will get on wed
  • For haemoglobin, please use PERFECT HEALTH SERUM and energy of FERRUM PHOS with safety and security
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thanks alot , just a little quest
    Do we need to repeat with Safety and security also x 3 along with FERRUM PHOS
  • Golden Sunrise
    Can we Charge Ferrum Phos with water also ?
    If sendirect request , how many times a day ?
  • Yes Ferrum phos can be charged in water also.
    Only energy name to be repeat three time.

    For how many times a day please read this link
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thanks Puneet Sir , a bitter vomiting sensation is there , like pitta vomiting, PERFECT HEALTH SERUM is fine for Vomiting ?
  • Golden Sunrise
    Few things , my mom is not feeling to eat, vomiting sensation , energy is low , unable to.get sleep at night ,
    At present im doing Proxy VOB for all organs with gap of 10 minutes for each organ , 5-8minutes for each organ with chanting of Pain Care Serum, 2 times a day,
    Direct request & Charging Water with Golden Sunrise, Pain Care Serum , Perfect Health Serum , Sai Baba Babuti or MMM , Ferrum Phos with S&S
    Is it ok or you would suggest any changes , pl adv
  • If there are digestive issues and ulcers due to past medicines and not being able to eat, then you can also follow this VK tip 27

  • Golden Sunrise
    Thanks Rakhi Mam, can i send Direct request GS , DIGEE SERUM , BALANCE SERUM , PEFECT HEALTH SERUM , FERRUM PHOS with Safety and security ? And same to be charged with Water ? Or with any other Combination ?
    Direct request can be 4 times a day or more of it is also ok ?
  • @Raajjhesh

    Please check the BASICS OF VK posts for answers to VK procedures.

    Once if you give time to read these posts you will not have these questions again and again
  • Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise
    Rakhi Mam, My wife is having Heavy bleeding from long time and tdy Doctor suggested her uterus to be removed which she dont want , its from almost 2 and half years that she is suffering, can u pl suggest the Serums
    Im a new user and going thru all post might take time time to find the appropriate serums , M/W if u can suggest o i can start sending the Energies, thanks in advance
  • @Raajjhesh

    You can do Psychic Surgery for uterus and whole reproductory system. On litairian website you will get an article on psychic surgery with a video

    About Cosmic Serums please use search option on litairian website with keyword female.

    As i see you as a caring family man, i suggest that you give time to read about cosmic serums. This reading is also a part of caring

    Please read about Cosmic serums for health this will give you many ideas.

    Please come up with your suggestions on Cosmic serums here and we will help you more.

    Sharat Sir has taken atleast 8 to 10 hrs to write each article on Cosmic serums.

    So we VK users should give time to read. Sir has guided that we should encourage VK users to read more to make them independent.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your learning
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank you Rakhi Mam , im already spending time whenever i can , reading forum , Cosmic Serums , VK success stories, Divine VK for sure is guiding me through out my Journey with Golden Sunrise , thanks Sharat Sir from bottom of my heart , all Litairian Team for an extra helping Hand , you all are Angels
  • Rakhi Mam Golden Sunrise
    I went thru PS article , its says need to perform Separately for each organ so should i do PS for Uterus and Whole Reproductory System Separately?
    Thanks in advance with Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    My Mom is not feeling to eat anything , no aptetite at all, bitter vomiting sensation, cough , cold , low homoglobin
    Im sending GS , PHS , Digee Serum , Balance Serum , MMM thru direct request and charging same with water , is it Ok ?
    Also doing proxy VOB for her Body Organs
    Pl guide , thanksn
  • Please do healing with patience. The charged water should be started as first intake in morning. Atleast 3 to 4 times small sips as per VK tip 27.

    If there is chronic gastric issues, healing energy requirement is more.

    Sharat Sir and Puneet have also guided you.

  • Thanks Mam
    Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise
    What serum we need for teeth , my moms teeth are long and and while eating the tongue got affected , and so infection is there , i searched on forum but couldn't get the appropriate article related, can u help me out pl
    Can we also do physic surgery for teeth ?
  • @Raajjhesh

    How will Psychic Surgery to teeth help?
    What search terms did you use to find articles
  • @Raajjhesh

    If you search with term INFECTION you get hit for IMMUNE SERUM, this article gives combination of energies to be used.

    With Immune Serum you can add Beauty Serum for the tongue for healing. Other energies can be added as guided in Immune Serum article.

    Regarding teeth they would be long but dear the hurt is not due to length its due to miscoordination of tongue and teeth sometimes.
    which happens if a person is weak or even it happens with otherwise healthy people.

    So request VK in your own words for comfortable and easy eating.
  • Thank you Golden Rakhi Ji
    I appreciate your efforts and timely guidance
    Thank you Litarian team With Golden Sharat Sir
  • Golden Rakhi Mam
    I have changed my User name to ImLucky
  • Rakhi Mam
    Golden Sunrise , im sending Direct Request with GS , Digee Serum , Immune Serum , ACS , Beauty Serum
    Is it fine or need any change ?
  • @ImLucky

    In earlier comments you have mentioned about vomiting sensation. So ACS should be avoided
  • Thanks Rakhi Mam
    Golden Sunrise
  • Just one thing Mam , when we are making request in our own words to VK , we need to repeat it for 3 times the same wordings ?
  • Rakhi Mam
    Golden Sunrise
    An update on my Moms health , she started feeling hunger and wanting to eat after so many days , tks
    Im sending Direct request , GS , Digee Serum , IMMUNE serum , Beauty Serum, Balance Serum
    Sometimes im requesting Vk to send her appropriate treatment for full body , Calciums, Vitamins , Serums with safety and security and to of her

    What serum is for Good sleep, she is not getting proper sleep frm many days
    Her Mouth infection is getting Better, thanks to all of you
  • @ImLucky

    Good to hear that your mom is getting better. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts.
    For sleep use CALM DOWN SERUM in evening or check the VK Tip on Power Nap on this forum
  • Thanks mam
    Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    Its been just 14days i rcvd Divine VK and i placed another order tdy for Chotu VK , guided by Divine VK itself
    Sine there are so many piriroties , i hardly get time for myself , i can only charge 1L of water for me a day , thats it ..
    I hv gone thru article of multiple VK , there are few points i need to ask you which are not in article , i will post u tmrw
    Thanks Sharat Sir and All team
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    My Mom is Passing the Stool very Frequently , when ever she eat something she passes the Stool , its black color , its also not loose motion, also have little cough
    Im sending GS , Immune Serum , Digiee Serum , Beauty Serum, Perfect Health Serum or Balance Serum
    Do i need to change the combination and same can be charged in water
  • No need for Beauty serum
    You can continue with same combination in case of loose motion add Calm Down Serum
  • Thanks Mam
    Reg my 2nd Chotu VK i need to know , if it is kept in My drawer where many other things will be there, it might be below VK or above VK , is it ok ?

    I can place the Request even if im out as mentioned in basics , im wearing one VK with me and im out , so how do i request to Chotu VK which is kept in my Drawer ?
    Hope u got my point
  • @ImLucky

    You can please refer the posts in BASICS OF VK. All procedures for VK are same irrespective of size. It will follow your intentions.
    When you wear VK on your wrist then also it may touch your clothes, so does it work on your aura, when it touches your clothes ?

    Another question is it difficult to make space for VK in drawer. You can just keep inside a box in same drawer.
    I feel you are thinking much about the procedures. Maybe you need to read the BASICS more everyday
  • Thanks Rakhi Mam
    Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    Our Ancestor property sale deal is going from past 13months , i hv started sending GS , TWS , ACS , and Shield Of 7 Rays 2 times a day
    Moreover the share will go to me , my Elder Brother and My Mom , i want to secure my moms share as once the money comes there will many relatives jumping in to grab her money
    Secondly i also want protect my share
    Thirdly my elder brother has already taken more share from the partial installment received
    Pl guide , the appropriate serums for situation and myself to handle this matter boldly
  • @ImLucky

    Check ONE SOUL SERUM article
  • Noted With Thanks Rakhi Mam
  • Wishing Sharat Sir and all Litairian Team, DIVINE VK, DIVINE VS, A Very HAPPY GOLDEN SUNRISE DIWALI
    All Dreams Coming True
  • @ImLucky
    Thank you for the wishes and blessings for all.
    Wishing you Happy Prosperous GOLDEN Deepawali
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    Its been a Month since i got Divine Vk and Chotu VK , Things are working for me , thanks

    Was going through Ec Bach Flower Remedy for relationship , just wanted to know the name to be written on top is for Husband always or the person who is dominant ? Basically its a case of Dominance , fear , unable to express the feelings , situations ,Over talk, Finance ... ,
    can u pl suggest, thanks in advance
  • Golden sunrise @ImLucky
    Husband's name should be on top in the energy circle of bach remedy ec.

    You can also use husband wife relationship ec in this below link with VK
  • Thanks Rakhi Mam
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam

    Fyr , i had placed order tdy for 4th Divine Vk Chotu in just 2.5months and very happy to inform you
    Divine Vk is guiding me and making way to have more Vks
    Thanks Sharat Sir and all Litarian Team
    Bless you all forever
  • @IamLucky

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for blessings for all. Congratulations. I AM LUCKY affirmation is making way....

  • Yes, inspite of financial abundance coming on the way , still im able to manage it

    As said i am expecting at least 6 Vks with me , Jo Bola Vo Karke Dikhaunga

    I spoke to Sharat Sir also Yesterday , Just it came into my mind so i called just casually

    One thing i need to ask , for my mom shoulder / knee Pain , should i use Physic Surgery or Accupressure ? Anyway im sending thru direct request GS IMS DGS PCS PHS same in Water Charge

    Golden Sunrise
  • @ImLucky
    Read both articles on PS and accupressure on litairian and choose based on your inner guidance for your mother.

    For more VKs you can anytime request VK to multiply and see it happening!!
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thanks Mam
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    Just placed the Order for my 5th Divine VK Chotu in less then 3 months ,
    Im Lucky Im Lucky Im Lucky
    Things are always working for me
    Im Happy Im Peacefully Im Healthy
    Magic and Miracles are for me at anytime everyday all day
    Bless you all forever
    By the way i have saved Rs 1000 after i received the msg the price has increased by Rs 500 x 2 ( Just Joking )
  • @ImLucky

    I request you not to post about energy exchange on this forum or any of social websites. Divinity of VK is beyond material COUNT.
  • Ok Mam Noted with Thanks
  • @ImLucky
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Nice affirmations. Congratulations for your new VK again

  • Thanks Mam
    Golden Sunrise
    Wishing you , All Team , Sharat Sir , Divine VK , Divine Vs a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020
    Bless you Forever
  • Golden Sunrise Mam
    Tdy 1st Day of New Year and i Rcvd My Divine Vk Chotu because Im Lucky and Things are always working for me and Magic and Miracles are mine at anytime everyday all day
    The Start of the New year 2020 is Good so whole year is Good
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