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14. Know Few Simple Rules before Placing a Request to VK

  1. You can use any language for requests.
  2. You can speak out your heart to VK.
  3. You can say it in your mind or say it aloud, VK will follow you.
  4. You can place a request to VK anytime anywhere…while driving, cooking, traveling or when both hands are busy at work, when you are lying on the bed or even while bathing.
  5. There is no any ritual and restriction while wearing or requesting VK.
  6. You can wear and request it 24x7, even when you are sleeping or during menstrual cycle or any other activity.
  7. VK will NOT follow your NEGATIVE thoughts be it for yourself or for anyone else and that is the only restriction.
  8. When your thoughts are clear and positive, VK will follow you anyways.
  9. Place a request 3 times; the request goes from 3 levels…from your physical level, mental level and spiritual level. If VK does follow your request just by thinking once then VK does not work for you because we human beings usually think 60000 thoughts per day or on an average one thought per second. Placing a request 3 times protects your VK to follow your every thought and continually work on your placed request. NOTE: Please remember one-time request placing means repeating a requested sentence 3 times.
  10. Sometimes the wish is manifested just in a single request because it comes from your deep thoughts or directly from spiritual level or need a very less energy to be manifested.
  11. Sometimes the wish is manifested even without any request because VK is an intentional tool, it works on your clear and positive thoughts in your conscious or subconscious mind. Generally, it happens when you and VK are connected very well with each other.


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