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Hi Guys,

I know that you guys are aware that you request to VK 3× in order for that request to become a one time request, and when you repeat this process by 3 mre time VK would be aware that your mind, spirit, and body really wants you to have this thing.

Here is something that I do, when I feel as if I have a little time. I only request once, and I have manifested!



  • Woww @Kris_Sooriya lovely VK request
    Thankyou for sharing your amazimg ideas i am going to try this sure.
    Gratitudes to @SharatSir for VK and giving us opportunity to know amazing peoples.

    I want to share a personal feeling @Kris_Sooriya two days before i shared a post from your simple VK request on our fb group.
    I had a strong feeling to see post from you and yes you are here with amazing VK ideas.

    Golden Sunrise blessings to you.

    This is the Facebook Group link
  • @Kris_Sooriya


    Nice way and experience with VK. Thanks for sharing.

    Would like to add one more point here.

    Sharat Sir guides to place every request 3 times, one request from physical level , one from mind and one more from spiritual level.

    When you request just once, it might be only from one level....even if its said in a way "GOLDEN SUNRISE DEAR VK, PLEASE ACTIVATE TO MANIFEST.... AS MY MIND, SPIRIT, AND BODY IS URGING YOU TO FULFIL THIS DESIRE!".

    Here again, even when one says that he or she is urging from all levels, the urge may not be from all levels. Because just by saying once, the urge actually may only be from one level OR less than all 3 levels.

    For example, if a person has anger...and he or she affirms...."I release anger" just once, the person may still hold anger. Thats why we keep repeating affirmations.

    VK is an intentional tool. My personal experience says that when the intention is very strong (this comes from mind) and the alignment with VK is high (soul or spiritual level), the request is followed and manifested just in one request by saying. Sometimes it happens even when the full request sentence is not completed by verbal mode, because the mind and soul are stronger in desires. One can try and experience, the experience may differ from person to person and also differ from time to time for the same person.

    Sharat Sir guides the best way is to request 3 times, so that VK gets the request at all levels. But VK users may experience manifesting their desires just in one request, when their mind and soul is aligned highly to VK. This again will vary from time to time even with the same person. Please read VK BASIC POST 14

    Another testimony with single request is this one , requesting energy of actors from a song.

    Every VK user is unique irrespective of their way of using VK , so should not compare with respect to experiences or alignment. But it is best to follow the basic guidance , which is applicable and would work for all VK users without doubt.

    @Kris_Sooriya , i also request you to share your actual experience , when you used VK this way. What was the situation, what request did you place and what was the result.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your creativity and experiences

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