IK Junoon ...La Tomatina ...Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara ....MY INTERESTING VK experience


Its always been a fun experiment for me to explore VK's special feature Mimicking.

So the other day i was feeling very exhausted in the evening and my TO DO list was very long to finish by the end of the day.
And i didn't have a choice but to finish it. I was thinking of skipping one or two tasks.
I was listening to the radio while with these thoughts....and i asked VK.... what could be the energy which you can give, that can instantly give me a boost of stamina to complete my work?

As i was listening to songs, instantly one idea came that i should take energy of a Bollywood song. The song i was listening had the word Zindagi in it. So i got this idea to request VK to give me energy of the the Hindi Song from the movie Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara with the lyrics.... "IK Junoon.....Oo Aa, Take The World And Paint It Red"

Immediately picture of Actor Farhaan Akhtar came in front of me. And i requested VK to give me enthusiasm and energy similar to Farhaan Akhtar in that song, (Enthusiasm like in the song, where he is laughing and jumping with joy in the La Tomatina festival (Spain) , throwing tomatoes flashed in front of my eyes).

I just said this once , and i started smiling and couldn't stop smiling. I was wondering why did i smile and why i could not stop smiling....it was VK magic, it already started the effect. :sunglasses:

It was just fantastic that i was enjoying all the work... that i had planned, happily and without tiredness.
Again after 2 hrs i requested same effect with VK.
All the work happened smoothly. At night also my energy was very high. So i laughed to VK and said....Now plz stop this effect and give me deep sleep. :smiley:

VK gives me pleasant surprises, especially with mimicking !! :heart:

Gratitude to @SharatSir for gift of VK in my life.



  • This is one of the great example of mimicing :)
  • @SharatSir

    Thank you Sir. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your all efforts for giving us VK

  • Wow.

    Never found myself boredom with VK because of its infinite capabilities.

    Yesterday evening before I reach home in the evening I requested VK to activate joyful parenting to make me and my wife. And we both were in fully joyful with kids the whole evening.

    Today morning I asked VK to give me required energy to complete all the priority tasks in office. And still I have high energy with high focus.

    Thank you Rakhiji for showing the new energies to mimic.

    Thank you Sharat sir for VK.

  • This is the song.... worth watching the enthusiasm anytime

  • @Chetandurdi


    Wow to your experiences. Thank you for sharing your experiences always with enthusiasm.

    Thank you for your thanks....

  • Lovely power booster experience Rakhi ji.
  • Tq Rakhi teacher. Pleasant and cute surprises. Magic in our mouths and hands. Tq Sharat sir you are our miracle man!!!
  • Very motivating experience... Infact I was feeling very exhausted today and was asking what can I do... So here is the answer... Thanks for sharing!
  • Golden sunrise .Awesome idea..
  • Golden Sunrise . This is interesting, and it gives us energy as VK users to adapt such ideas and create more fun to life..
  • Golden Sunrise. It's a very good idea as vk is our saviour and supporter at all times, we just have to ask.
  • Golden Sunrise.Outstanding rakhi ji.Yes Vk is jinny.
  • Woww @ Rakhiji
    Nice and interseting experience .Your experience are always out of the box kind. I still remember your experience of taking out cream out of milk .
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all with such ideas.
  • Golden Sunrise
    Very inspirational. VK can do anything as per our need. Thankyou for sharing Rakhi ji
  • Wow .. lovely experience... Thank you for sharing.
  • Wow, what an incredible way to experience this kind of a situation with the VK specially because i was personally in the Tomatino in 2018... suddenly i feel i am in a magical world where i hve a doubts in my mind and i get some or the other solution thanx to Sharat sir....
    I am working on my weightloss, but after a few mins i start feeling exhausted and just drag my self into finisjing my workout...this kind of mimicing might surely help explore with my enthusuasm as well and keep the energy high...
    Will post my experience too and let u know how it went...
    KEEP rocking Sharat sir and VK!!!!
  • VK really does wonders. I always charge my morning coffee with Golden Sunrise, and request VK to give me happiness, calmness and creativity. I find myself singing while I work. My days go much better than before and my jewellry designs are really creative. My kids love that I’m a calmer person.
  • Thank you for sharing ???????? Good ideas !! ????
  • Golden sunrise ???? Wow..... once again......
    Vk is a boon to everyone’s any problems.
  • VK always does wonders... Heartfelt gratitude to Sharat sir and his wonderful invention VK
  • Fantastic experience vk is a wonderful instrument and a great invention by sharat sir
  • Many thanks for new & motivating ways to use VK. VK Rocks!!! Thank you Sharat Sir!
  • Rakhiji, the experience story is very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • Golden Sunrise,
    Thank You @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Ji,
    I always love the Mimicking part as well simple request, which are instant and effective most of the Time.

  • Wow Awesome great idea. I will surely try this
  • Golden sunrise to vk users
  • Great experience Rakhiji. Gratitude to Sharat Sir for the wonderful VK.
  • Wow Rakhi ! That's super cool indeed. This is my favorite movie and actor too. Now, will request VK to give me such Enthu filled energy. Thank you for sharing! Golden Sunrise :)

  • Thanx for this great vk experience.Golden Sunrise Forever
  • Wow !!! Thanks for sharing amazing ...VK indeed has alwz gvn amazing results , I keep talking to it all tym n is like my best buddy...thanks to sirji
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Rakhiji what an awesome idea. I am definitely going to implement it when I'm in need of lively energy to complete a boring job with joy and enthusiasm. Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing .

  • Woww great
    We r very lucky to having vk in our life
    Thnx sharat sir

    I requested VK to give the energy of Sufi song and intention was to be deep peace and calmness... It's done... I got into soft trans...

    New doors of energy are opening everyday in our life...

    Thank you Sharat Sir for making everyone of us special with blessing VK 8-)

    Thank you Rakhiji for selfless effort in spreading the dimensions of VK possibilities. 8-)
  • Golden Sunrise
    VK is a miracle. I am lucky to have VK in my life
    Thanks Sharat Sir
  • What an awesome idea Rakhi.... going to try this.
  • Golden Sunrise
    I am Vaastu Consultant And a VK user . With vk I have experimented very important energy and powerful energy . Violet light . This was done to test the presence of entity in a place. When request was placed with vk to bring pure violet light in that house , in 5 minutes the entire glass table fell down and broke into pieces while the child of my client was sitting near the table and nothing happened to the child but glass broke into many pieces . Child was protected due to presence of violet light . I have recommended VS for that house to remove all bad energies.
    Thanks to VK and Sharat Sir
  • Golden Sunrise
    This is a suggestion. Request vk to connect the body to the purest energy of Mother Earth and see change in the Body language and lightness in the mind. This is very powerful grounding technique.
    Thanks VK and Sharat Sir
  • @ShivaPrakkash thanks for sharing.. Awesome
  • Thanks a lot Rakhi didi for sharing this wonderful experience.
    You are not just listening and helping others proactively regarding healing with VK but also very enthusiastically keep sharing your own experiences as well which is a great learning for all of us as well.
    Thanks a ton Sharat Sir for giving us the platform to share experiences and learnings altogether on this forum.
    I am so happy to be a part of VK And VS family where people have actually got time to help others in need ,that too selflessly.
    These sort of experiences are really a boon for us all so that we can think out of box and explore infinite possibilities with VK.
  • Golden Sunrise. Amazing power of VK. Very inspiring.
  • Mimicing works - many say.
    How to actually ask for Mimicing is the question.

    The liver cleansing helped in a way.

    This again I'm going to try.

    Sharing helps learning in a smooth way.

    Thanks for the sharing @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher.
  • Golden Sunrise to VK users.VK is a Jaadu Ki chhari for every problem.Thanks To Sharat Sir Thanks To VK.
  • Wow.awesome experience.I have nevervtried out of the box mimicking.but will try soon.
  • Wow wow wow love you Rakhi didi for beautiful sharing.
    You change the mood to happiness i am smiling during reading and mind refreshed with a flash of joyous feeling at the end.
    Yes this is much needed Happiness is all around with beautiful comments of VK users.
    @Rakhi- Didi your beautiful post attracting so much positive energy and comments of users with feeling happiness joys and motivation to explore and experience more with VK.

    Farhan Akthar is one of my favourite star with lots of enthusiasm and different approach, he always motivate with his uniqueness as you do motivate all VK users with unique VK experiences.

    Gratitude to @SharatSir for VK attracting happiness and joy in so many lives.

    @Chetandurdi Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your Sufiyana experience with VK, loved it. Keep sharing to inspire all of us.

    @Rajeshwari_Sethi Thank you dear.

    @CIAARA Thank you. Loved your lines.
    "Magic in our mouths and hands. Tq Sharat sir you are our miracle man!!!"

    Its so true to the core for VK and Sharat Sir.

    @Sulatha Thank you dear. Would love to hear your experiences too.

    @Ashwin Thank you

    @Pujanarula Thank you. Very true as you said. I noticed you posted experience on your profile wall. Please share in discussions, by clicking on ASK A QUESTION as a new post so that its visible to all.

    @manisha Thanks dear. Would love to read your experiences. Please share more as SUCCESS STORIES in new discussion.

    @Shipra Thanks dear. Good name to VK...Jinny.

    @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher Thank you dear for your appreciating words. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts as Team Litairian.

    @LATISH Thank you. Please feel free to share your VK experiences as a new post and inspire all.

    @Dipti Thank you dear.

    @Kaajal23 Thank you. One tip for you, instead of thinking weight loss, just think perfect body weight and desired body shape. Do share your experience with VK and Tomatina.

    @mich_5544 Thank you dear for sharing your experience. Keep sharing your ideas and ways of using VK and inspire all.

    @Julesmm Thanks dear

    @Ritu Thank you dear. Well said for VK

    @Gayathri Thank you dear. Do share your new experiences with VK.

    @SHARAD_1959 ji. Thank you. Do share your VK experiences to motivate all.

    @Sharmila12 . Thank you. Yes VK rocks !!

    @Gagan Thank you.

    @Anit Nayak - Supportive VK Teacher Thank you dear. Keep sharing. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts

    @Varsha Thanks dear

    @faissal Thanks dear

    @RS1259 Thanks

    @Himabindu Thank you. Do share your experiences too. I think its Farhan's bday today.

    @Jyoti Thank you dear and thanks for Forever GOLDEN SUNRISE

    @Kaajal Thank you. Thank you for sharing. Do write more about your VK experiences in new posts in detail and motivate all.

    @carla Thank you dear. Love your enthusiasm.

    @Shivu95952 thank you. Very truly said for VK

    @gulati07 Thank you. Waiting to hear in detail your miraculous experiences with VK.

    @Rajni Thank you dear. Do share how you felt when you practise.

    @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher Thank you dear for your kind words. Feeling blessed to be part of Sharat Sir's Divine mission. Happy to have you in team. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts as Team Litairian.

    @Gurchaaran Thank you.

    @extraman Thank you. Do share your experiences how Liver cleansing post by Barinder helped you

    @Madhu Thank you. Do share your jaadu ki chari VK experiences

    @Kari Thank you

    @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for your love and appreciation. You are amazing with your selfless contribution to Sharat Sirs mission in your beautiful ways. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and enthusiasm, Proud to have you in Team Litairian

  • All Divine VK users,
    A Jubilant Golden Sunrise..!
    Awesome lovely article Rakhi ji a true heart touching experience you have shared with us.
    Thanks for your creative inspirations n guidance.
    Gratitude n love to our Lovely Sharat Sir for choosing us to grow more spiritually better n better everyday...
  • Infinite wows for this beautiful VK Experience and sharing the same.... awesome creativity by using this idea
  • Wonderful Rakhi Mam, Thanks for sharing such an amazing experience. Very motivational.Thanks to Sharat Sir.
  • Golden sunrise @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Nice experience. I dont understand hindi still in video i saw the energy of actors and correlated your beautiful experience. Thanks for this post. VK rocks
  • Golden Sunrise greetings to all. It's a real inspiration reading the wonderful experiences and personal stories. Motivates one to experiment and grow . Thank you so much for sharing.
  • Thanks for sharing
    I too feel low many times n I got the answer
    I will try mimicking with VK
  • Dear @rakhi,

    You have suggested several stress-busters by which, all our friends here, must surely have been benefited. But let me tell you, your presence itself is a stress-buster to all of us. Your innovative ideas, experiments & suggestions are remarkable. Please accept my gratitude for being one of us.

    No doubt, whenever I feel a bit low or in a distress situation, I talk to VK and it comes back to me with a remedy. Why I am complimenting is because, I was in the same situation, a few days ago. I have been travelling continuously last month and now also. It's me....my Car....and the miles before me. Last week while on my way, I was feeling very tired. It was early morning and there was fog all the way ahead. I was a bit sleepy too. So I started talking to my VK and asked "Boss what to do?" And in next few moments, my Car stereo played one of my most favorite song. VK clicked in my mind and said "Sing along buddy". People might think I went crazy but I kept singing with the album till the next toll-gate. Way ahead - there was no fog and I was full of energy.

    My gratitude for Sharat Sir to have included me in the team of enlightened and blessed with VK.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Rakhi madam,

    "your presence itself is a stress-buster to all of us. "

    This words said by Sanjay Roy is very much true. Really you are a stress buster to all VK users.

    Thank you Sharath Sir
    for VK and VS and for this amazing VK forum.

    @Onsky1 I loved this Jubilant GOLDEN SUNRISE . Thank you for your appreciation.

    @VeennaVNegglur Thank you dear

    @suchi Thank you . Do share your experiences too and motivate all

    @Nadiya. Thanks. will wait for your experiences.

    @Madhursr thank you dear for extended compliment.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir

    Thank you so much Sir for encouraging and appreciating words. It means a lot to me. I am blessed to be a part of Sharat Sirs mission along with you. I always feel great to follow your teachings to use VK as it comes in our mind. .. .. .......Use VK with simplicity and ease.

    Loved your VK experiences of following the BOSS (VK) as we all know BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT. I can imagine how it would be to drive through the fog early morning.... and just following signal from VK. VK sailed you beautifully with your favourite song. What a lovely way.

    You teach us in every post. Thank you again.

  • Wow! A novel idea! Thanks for sharing it.
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam,
    It was very inspiring reading this and thank you for sharing with us.
    I am gonna try this.
  • Wow what an experience, something new to try on

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