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VK TIP 47 : Baby care , Baby growth, Baby teeth digestion, skin care, infant care, baby protection

How can we take care of Babies with VK.

It's very simple . Use BABY CARE SERUM with VK. Baby care serum works even for a newborn baby Day 1 upto 3 yrs of age.

Use BABY CARE SERUM along with PERFECT HEALTH SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE energy for an enhanced effect.

Baby care serum takes care of growth, teething, digestion, skin care and all growing aspects of babies.

Charge baby foods, all fluid intakes, baby clothes, bed , quilts , toys , cradle, baby products.

You can even charge mother's breastfeed with Baby Care Serum with intention using VK.

For best results use as much as possible.

Baby Care Serum is the best pal of all babies. Do click the link for more ways of using BABY CARE SERUM.

Additional Tip : Give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS using VK regularly to babies for extra protection and especially when you take them out.

You can add DIGEE SERUM, BEAUTY SERUM, GYM SERUM, BALANCE SERUM and other energies along with BABY CARE SERUM as you feel.


You can do Vital Organ Balancing for baby's digestion on baby's stomach or for any other body function as shown in this video

Do share your experiences with VK tips.

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts



    My 4 months daughter gets irritated in the night before sleep. Even with the Baby care serum, calm down serum, SO7R also she will not sleep. She becomes cranky... What energy I can give her to sleep calmly?

    Still the sleeping cycle of my daughter is not improved yet. She was chewing finger too much. Today, when I put my finger in her mouth, realised that she is teething. This is irritating her too much.

    I am giving her following serum from today for easing it: BABY CARE SERUM + BEATY SERUM + GOLDEN SUNRISE... Intention to reduce the irrigation and make easy growth of teeth NOW.

    Is this combination fine? Is there any other healing I can give to ease it?

    Best regards,
  • @Chetandurdi


    Sharat Sir guided you that your daughter's restlessness in sleep is possibly because of teething. You can use the above combination.

    You can also charge the Baby teething toys with these energies.

    Request VK in your own words to make her teething with ease and comfort. You can add more Cosmic serums as you feel the need.


    Sir asked this question when I told about issue. As she is just 4.5 months, I thought it's too early. Then it was confirmed when she was chewing finger too much. I will continue the healing as guided.

    Best regards,
  • Is time of request to babies 5 mins?
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ,

    Update on my daughter's irritation... There was not so much improvement with the just combination of BABY CARE SERUM + BEATY SERUM + GOLDEN SUNRISE... Then I added the Energy of Ice with with safety and security.. intention to heal the irrigation and uneasiness of teething. Then the things changed instantly. Whenever she starts putting her finger in mouth and gets irritated I give the above combination. She will be fine.

    For sleep there is some improvement in sleep pattern. She is sleeping latest by 11:30 PM.

  • @Chetandurdi


    Good to hear that little angel is getting better.

    The effect of BABY CARE SERUM works at multiple level. Maybe you were looking at teething specifically. As you have done it ....please continue with BABY CARE SERUM ....babies show many symptoms in teething....otherwise.

    Reading your creative way of using ICE energy (with safety and security) , i remembered the song ICE ICE BABY. It got a smile on me.

    Sleep pattern is also improving...thats great.

    God bless your angels.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts. Thanks for updating and sharing.
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