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Strange feeling with vk

edited November 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise vk teachers

From past 2-3 days it's happening to me when I am wearing I feeling heaviness both physically& mentally... My mind becomes very noisy heavy disturbed.... Small works seems very hard to me like brushing bathing and body becomes very lazy heavy but when I remove vk from my hands I feel light... Every work seems easy... Mind body becomes light , chatter box is like off... And both the effect is very quick.. heavy with vk and light without it... Why is this so...

Pls guide me on this....


  • And I feel like sleepy wearing vk and active without it...
  • Just take Aura Flush Empowerment 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Ok sir will follow the guidance.... Thanks a lot sir...
  • @Dolly


    How are you feeling with VK after taking guidance from Sharat Sir...
  • Yes I did aura flush...but also I did eft for whole body... After that I felt some relief...

    But now I wear vk for very less time coz I m giving direct request continuously for my one wish..
  • Thanks for your concern mam
  • But one thing I want to say or I noticed..after doing aura flush that day 3 times I stopped it but Day before yesterday at night when I was about to sleep I simply said vk pls activate aura flush empowerment for me now*3 and I slept...

    Next day I felt nothing related to my energies but all my small small stuffs and stucked works were completing one after other... And I was very happy getting my works done.... I don't know it's coincidence or effect of aura flush but I was happy...
  • @Dolly


    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Sometimes you need to cherish experiences and give gratitude and leave doubts and analysis aside.

    Allow and receive things as they come.
  • I had a question regarding Aura flush empowerment , after we flush away the old energies , we should fill in with positive energies. So what serums can we add in after the flush empowerment , and if we are taking the flush empowerment 3 to 4 times , should we wait till the last time or should we alternate like flush and positive energy through serums each time . Please guide.
  • @Sandhya27

    You can fill with energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE as per the need.
    Generaly i club GOLDEN SUNRISE with aura flush empowerment in same request to VK

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please do aura flush empowerment for XYZ
  • Thank you mam ????????
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