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Few days ago I got a nudge to read about GOLDEN SUNRISE. So i read all the articles related to it in this forum and i got inspired to take a print out (the image that Sharat sir has shared). And I stuck it on the east side of the wall in my room.
And it's been only two days and I'm noticing that I'm having lot of negative thoughts about my future. I'm fearing my mother's death, my death. What is happening? Should I take off the image?


  • @KomalKhariwal


    The image of GOLDEN SUNRISE has started working for you.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE removes negative emotions like hopelessness , fear , insecurity and brings people to hope , strength and joy.

    Reading this post....its gives a feeling that you were dwelling with hidden fears about your future and your mothers health and recovery.

    It is suggested to let the image be there and let the negative emotions get released from you.

    If you feel you can even meditate on this image for few minutes daily while wearing VK.
  • @KomalKhariwal

    You can take BACH FLOWER REMEDY MIMULUS with VK in water.
  • Okay, thank you.
  • I placed golden sunrise image in my house and my shop for the past 3 months there is nothing change in my life and my business is also slowdown and financially tight, as Rakhi mam advised for business to do Affirmation, even though my business is dull. I am having huge stock, In my textile business daily patterns r changing I am unable to invest further. I lost control over my stock, sometimes customer r coming they will bargain huge and sometimes they r asking is there any new arrivals r coming, they r asking and going out, how to overcome from this situation.

    My huge money is stucked which I am not getting my money from outside also,so all doors r closed for me, with Vk I am solving small problem but financial problems I am unable to solve. I have prepared EC and energing Ec to get my stucked money and also I am taking alpha male serum, total wealth serum and balance serum daily in water.
    And also I am taking ACS and So7r to my self and my money and my business . Day by day my financial position is becoming bad , pls advice me
  • @Kiran_1976


    Check this post which you shared about Business Success in June on this forum

    You can again follow the same with increased healing frequency.

    You can also check VK TIP 102 ....
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