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Business success

As guided by punnet sir and rakhi mam, I am taking AMS, TWS, BS, ACS, MUS. for my business. Now I am enjoying my business. Really it is miracle.
Thanks to punnet sir and rakhi mam for ur guidance and Special thanks to Sharath Sir for giving this Special Vk to mankind. Really it is givind


  • All gratitudes to the master @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for VK changing so many lives.

    Thankyou for sharing your happiness with beautiful experience.
    Golden Sunrise to all your efforts.
  • @Kiran_1976

    Thank you for sharing your happiness.

    Continue the healing to enjoy more and more successes.

    Keep posting your experiences and motivate all of us

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and experiences

  • Hello Rakhi mam can u plz guide me to boost up my business as I deal in cosmetics. I'm not getting the above written short cuts.
  • @Richadixit76

    which short cuts are you referring in your post please?
    If people are not buying cosmetics at all in lockdown, maybe the issue is for all cosmetic dealers

    you can also keep an intention to VK to show a way out to earn with new opportunities.

    If people are buying cosmetics but if you are not getting deals, increase your healing frequency.

    Use TOTAL WEALTH SERUM regularly. You may read success stories in the end of article

    Also check this VK TIP 102 : Welcome Wealth Opportunities with ease, BE Fearless in money matters

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Yes, I use TWS regularly once a day. And chant some switch word. I was talking to those shortcuts which is mentioned by Kiran_1976, that I was not getting.
  • @Richadixit76

    For our health we eat atleast three times a day and sometimes even more.

    For wealth just taking energy once may not be sufficient. If there is already a lack the energy need is more.

    Please check VK BASIC POST 13 on forum for guidance on healing frequency.

    Must read all the basics for better understanding.

    If you are using many switchwords it may confuse mind. So keep a check on how you are using multiple healing modalities.
  • @Richadixit76

    AMS Alpha Male Serum
    TWS Total Wealth Serum
    BS Beauty Serum
    ACS All Clear Serum
    MUS Mood up Serum

    I dont know if he meant BALANCE SERUM or BEAUTY SERUM in 1st post.
    BS short form is for BEAUTY SERUM

    Short names are used by Sir in each Cosmic Serum article for the purpose of easy writing.

    I did not understand your q in earlier post.

    Here instead of AMS use ALPHA WOMAN SERUM. (For females)

    Please take serum names in full forms when u use with VK.
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