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My Amazing Experiences with VK in One Month

edited March 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise to all VK & VS patrons, Teachers and users. I’m a relatively new member to VK’s fan club, in possession of the magical divine instrument since last 1 month. I’ll like to share my experiences with you all.

VK saved from accident: Few days earlier when I was coming to main road from my residential complex, one speeding car banged the font side of my car despite of my effort to avoid collision. It resulted in some scratch in front left side of my car and no apparent damage to the other car. I normally take SO7R before stepping out from home every day but somehow forgot that day. The Guy, a local was in inebriated condition and started creating a scene in the mid of the road. I was quite upset as he started shouting in filthy language and got raged knowing that I’m an outsider. Despite of my polite request he was in no mood to relent. I requested VK to provide me SO7R and was chanting GS mentally. He intended to be physical with me but couldn’t do so as I did have the protection of SO7R. But still he was uncontrollable and shouting loudly with all possible filthy words, while I was in my car all through these commotion . Then I started giving SO7R to that person. Within few seconds I can see the difference, he couldn’t utter anything for few minutes like somebody had sealed his mouth. I started sending Calm Down Serum to him and situation got diffused soon after. He apologized and we mutually agreed not to proceed with any formal police complain. We proceeded to our respective destinations, but the best part of that incidence is that I never lost my cool & composure during those 15 minutes despite of repeated provocation from other side, quite unlikely of me, only because of VK. Thanks Sharat Sir for blessing us with such an amazing tool.

VK saved us from missing the train: Recently I’d been to Nashik along with my family. On return journey we got stuck up at Panvel till 9.30 pm. We were supposed to board train to Goa @11.05 pm and we had premium tatkal tickets for all three of us with boarding point as CSTM. Boarding point can be changed only before 24 hr of scheduled departure. We couldn’t wait at Panvel for boarding, as ticket got auto cancelled if no show in 2 subsequent stations. I sought VK’s intervention and boarded a local to CSTM, but somehow got some sense that we might not be able to reach CSTM before my Goa train departs. Though train was not crowded, I was feeling restless and repeatedly request VK to help us to board the train to Goa. We got down midway from the local at Vashi, not sure why but I feel some force guided me out of the train all of a sudden. On getting down I could realise that the train was already running late by 10 min and would have never reached CSTM before 11.10 pm. I was sure to miss my train but for VK got saved. We returned back to Panvel with hope of some miracle. It was 10.30 pm then, I met up Station Manager, Chief TTE to request them to speak to their counterparts at CSTM not to cancel my tickets as we’ll be boarding at Panvel but they all refused to help. I was quite upset as not boarding that particular Train means un-necessarily losing Rs 15K +, disturb in your schedule for next day. I sat for few moments with VK between my palms requesting urgent intervention all through chanting “Durga Magic Begins Now” switch pharase. Guided by VK, I made a fresh attempt at Railway Police office located at one corner of the platform. While discussing with the officials, some gentleman came from behind and provided me the mobile no of Chief Commercial Manager of CSTM station. It could be a mere co-incidence for many but I strongly believe VK only made it possible. It was almost 11pm by then, but on my request and of course VK’s intervention messages passed on to TTEs onboard that particular train. On boarding the train at around 12.45 that night, concerned TTE came searching for us and literally welcomed us to the berths. He narrated how he got the instruction from CCM’s office just when train was about to leave. Thanks VK, thanks Sharat Sir for such a wonderful invention.

VK made me a healer: I’ve amazing experience in this short span of 1 month by healing my colleagues, friends, wife and son. Be it my son’s stubborn cough (through ENT serum & ACS) or my wife’s severe gastic (through Digi and ACS) I could manage to provide quick relief with help of VK. My colleagues also got benefited with VK’s healing power. I’m still in my early days with VK but still feel that, in this healing area I could make some positive impact in somebody’s life. I continue to learn VK’s usage every day.

VK is nothing but a genie for me till now and our bonding is getting deeper as days pass on. Many times I need not request VK, but it works with its own intelligence for whatever good for me. Thanks a lot Sharat Sir for this extraordinary divine gift.


  • @mruty30

    GOLDEN SUNRISE, Thank you for sharing your experiences and success stories with VK. Appreciate your detailed write up.

    VK indeed is a Genie for many of us :)

    Thanks to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for giving us the gift of VK and uplifting all of our lives.


  • Woww Amazing experiences,
    Thankyou for sharing @mruty30 ji, i really appreciate the way you narrated in detail.
    Welcome to the party you are using VK perfectly and your words shows how much compatibility you and VK are making with each other.
    I am sure in few days i will read some more fantastic experiences from you.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts blessings.
  • Beautiful experiences
  • @mruty30

    Wow. Amazing experiences. I loved the second one , that you used DURGA MAGIC BEGIN NOW and the way to managed to reach the station to catch desired train for your desired destination.

    This is one of the ways VK works.

    Your experience makes me feel, many times i am just about to miss some situations/desires and VK has come as a Saviour.

    So when you feel that train (path) to your destination (goal) is about to get missed, use VK to hold on it. B)

    All experiences are amazing. B)

    Just to share, its not about how many days or months you have used VK ,,,,its about how you explore VK frequently and creatively.

    So don't count the days....but do count or cherish your experiences. <3

    Appreciate your sharing here on Forum to motivate all of us.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK changing many lives in a :beautiful way !!

  • Awesome experiences....thanks for sharing
  • Amazing experience.
    :thankyou @mruty30 for sharing and encouraging us.

  • Beautiful experiences @mruty30
    It’s lovely to see you having such great experiences with VK. You pulled me back to my memories of my first experience with VK when I just got VK, requested Digee Serum and saw instant change in my metabolism.

    I tried the Serum out of curiosity that how VK works but change in my metabolism raised my energy and thus raising my excitement to have more of such experiences.
  • Wow @PJ-Certified VK Teacher didi, yes you are very right the very first interaction with VK and Sharat Sir ji is Lifetime memory.
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