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PJ-Certified VK Teacher

My celebrations today.... I celebrate blessings by my dad. I celebrate he being proud of me. I celebrate his praises for me. I celebrate his love for me. I celebrate his life changing word with me. I celebrate his support in my life. I celebrate his happiness to see me happy. I celebrate his health. I celebrate #VK SPREADING JOY in our lives. I celebrate #VK spreading HEALTH in our lives.


PJ-Certified VK Teacher
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  • My celebrations today....

    I celebrate blessings by my dad.

    I celebrate he being proud of me.

    I celebrate his praises for me.

    I celebrate his love for me.

    I celebrate his life changing word with me.

    I celebrate his support in my life.

    I celebrate his happiness to see me happy.

    I celebrate his health.

    I celebrate #VK SPREADING JOY in our lives.

    I celebrate #VK spreading HEALTH in our lives.
    March 13
  • My celebrations today....

    I celebrate my passion of #driving.

    I celebrate creation with a friend.

    I celebrate that she is supportive in creating.

    I celebrate #Mobile and connectivity with the world.

    I celebrate ringing bells of the #temple at this hour.

    I celebrate positive signs form the #universe about my wish.

    I celebrate #Divine love and Care.

    I celebrate facts of #VK.

    I celebrate the results with simple requests made to #VK.

    I celebrate #VS by #Sharat Sir, making life easy in concern of Vastu Doshas.
    March 12
  • My celebrations today .....

    I celebrate birth of a new life.

    I celebrate the laughter and celebration in the family.

    I celebrate childhood memories.

    I celebrate healing of a wound.

    I celebrate religious rituals today.

    I celebrate my cousins.

    I celebrate the #Divine support.

    I celebrate #Bollywood music.

    I celebrate #Metro making life easy and comfortable.

    I celebrate 365 articles on #Litairian, one article per day for whole year.
    March 11
  • My celebrations on Woman’s Day.....

    I celebrate being a someone.

    I celebrate my roles of someone who is a daughter, sister, friend for many.

    I celebrate my roles which moved to being a wife, daughter to new parents and parent to new lives.

    I celebrate the someone in me who support love Care for the people around me.

    I celebratethe someone in me who has both the controversial feelings of courage and weakness both together.

    I celebrate being that someone who faces all the ups and downs of the life and still stands up as nothing happened.

    I celebrate being a someone who can sing, dance, draw, cook, drive, and is creative.

    I celebrate being someone who teaches and learns at the same time.

    I celebrate being the someone who has failed and achieved at the same time.

    I celebrate being that #someone who is special for some, I celebrate being that someone, I celebrate being a #WOMEN

    I celebrate #AlphaWomenSerum and #FemSerum through #VK by Sharat Sir
    March 9
    • PJ-Certified VK Teacher
      PJ-Certified VK Teacher
      I celebrate???? #AlphaWomenSerum and #FemSerum through #VK by Sharat Sir which can help a women to be healthy by body, mind and soul.

      I celebrate ???? that every woman can be courageous, happy, bold, soft, humble, caring and strong at the same time with the #CosmicSerums.

      I celebrate ????launch of #Sharatsir’s new invention #VS which is again going to help a woman to keep her home, workplace and office free from all negative energies.
    • DivineSoul
      GOLDEN SUNRISE MILLION TIMES to all Celebrations!!
    • Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
      Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
      GOLDEN SUNRISE to all the celebrations.
    • Pooja
      GOLDEN SUNRISE to all celebrations...
  • I celebrate life.

    I celebrate Summer season.

    I celebrate blue clean sky.

    I celebrate organising things well.

    I celebrate new learning.

    I celebrate disciple taught in schools.

    I celebrate my family time.

    I celebrate the education system spreading to the uneducated.

    I celebrate gratitudes posted daily in our group #Citizenoflight and #Switchwordmagicforever.

    I celebrate the invention of #Cosmicserums which are making life easy for the users.
    March 10
  • Celebrations today .......

    I celebrate the bright shining sun.

    I celebrate kids enjoying #McDonald’s treat.

    I celebrate Innocence.

    I celebrate moral values taught in childhood which turns a person to a kind one.

    I celebrate my little one singing songs.

    I celebrate #NCERT has chalked out a detailed action plan to trim the school curriculum.

    I celebrate trending #technology.

    I celebrate shopping.

    I celebrate#Jainism as it lays a strong emphasis on the efforts and the freewill of the soul to achieve the desired goal of liberation.

    I celebrate healthy discussions in friends.

    I celebrate increasing success stories with VK and #Cosmicenergies through #VK.
    March 7
  • Celebrations today......

    I celebrate Chirping birds in the morning.

    I celebrate the Ice cream and kulfi season.

    I celebrate the Perfect weather.

    I celebrate OscarAcademyAwards ceremony 2018

    I celebrate Bollywood stars Shashi Kapoor and Sridevi were among those honoured at the #90thAcademyAwardsceremony in the 'Memoriam' montage.

    I celebrate Being an Indian.

    I celebrate a small wave saying HI by my aunt.

    I celebrate preparation of the new #academicsession coming.

    I celebrate the #CosmicHealingSessions by team members.

    I celebrate people getting results by #Cosmichealingsessions.
    March 6
  • Celebrations today ....

    I celebrate the easy paper of first board exam.

    I celebrate on behalf of all children who are happy and relaxed after the exam.

    I celebrate parents who are helping their children to be #stressfree.

    I celebrate smiling innocent faces.

    I celebrate running down the dictionary to look for one word and learning its meaning.

    I celebrate daily chores of life.

    I celebrate learning new facts today.

    I celebrate fundamental beliefs of Sikhism, articulated in the sacred scripture #GuruGranthSahib, include faith and meditation on the name of the ONE creator.

    I celebrate the healing of #GOLDENSUNRISE, #BrainSerum and #StudySerum sent to students appearing for exams.

    I celebrate sharing some beautiful experiences of #VK.

    Celebrations are endless...... do you celebrate?
    March 5
  • Celebrations today.....

    I celebrate relaxing Sunday.

    I celebrate my family smiling.

    I celebrate family movie time watching Tamasha.

    I celebrate babies day out to fun zone and playing games.

    I celebrate the cleanliness around.

    I celebrate blessings of a roadside begger whom I could provide some food.

    I celebrate as Jains trace their history through a succession of twenty-four victorious saviors and teachers known as #Tirthankaras.

    I celebrate The main religious premises of Jainism " #ahimsaparmoDharam" which makes us a kind human being.

    I celebrate the kindness which made me help a pegion today.

    I celebrate #GOLDENSUNRISE energy through #VK by #Sharatsir which helped me help the pegion.
    March 4
    • Pooja
      GOLDEN SUNRISE to all celebrations
  • Celebratios today ....

    I celebrate the success of my #groupno9 performance today.

    I celebrate the praise and appreciation by all.

    I celebrate the well execution of the program.

    I celebrate my kid's support today.

    I celebrate #GOLDENSUNRISE for an amazing performance today.

    I celebrate help by people who keep our city and surroundings #cleanandtidy.

    I celebrate dutiful officials who help in maintaining #lawandorder of the country.

    I celebrate children's dedication and commitment towards preparation for #boards examinations.

    I celebrate being a #Jain, religion which teaches salvation by perfection through successive lives, and non-injury to living creatures, and is noted for its ascetics.

    I celebrate #DigeeSerum through #VK by #Sharatsir which helped me to cure her at middle of night when my baby had stomach infection.

    Celebrations are endless.....
    March 3
  • CelebrationS today.....

    I celebrate the festival of colors #holi today.

    I celebrate kids happiness as they played holi with family and friends.

    I celebrate greetings of the festivals with family and friends.

    I celebrate the steps taken for #pollutionfree Delhi.

    I "swachbharatabhiyaan" and effort by one and all to follow the steps required for it.

    I visit to #Jaindadbari with friends.

    I peace and silence in the Jain temple Dadabari.

    I celebrate chanting the rosary beads with Mahamantra #namokarmantra.

    I celebrate scientific facts in alternative science like #switchwords which can help people come out of pair and illness.

    I celebrate Divine Cosmicenergies through #VK.

    I celebrate being a student of #Sharatsir and learning more about #Cosmicenergies.
    March 2
  • Celebrations today.....

    I celebrate #choti holi today.

    I celebrate kids enjoying the #festival.

    I celebrate the greenery around which is healthy for everyone living around trees in this pollution filled #environment.

    I celebrate #Mc Donald's reopened.

    I celebrate delicious meal today.

    I celebrate the #Jainclub group members for full efforts to make our program a successful one.

    I celebrate fresh fruits leading to a healthy living.

    I celebrate scientific facts to which many of us are always amazed to learn.

    I celebrate Jain #logass ka paath which has enlightened the world.

    I celebrate teaching logass ka paath to my baby.

    I celebrate being blessed by the Divine #Cosmic Energy.
    March 1
    • Pooja
      GOLDEN SUNRISE to all celebrations
    • DivineSoul
  • ????????????Celebrations today ????????????

    I celebrate ???? my blessings my kids by Divine.

    I celebrate ????my kid’s smile which is a reason for me to be most happy.

    I celebrate ????my kid’s hug which satisfy my soul.

    I celebrate ????my comfort in my home.

    I celebrate ????my luxurious life.

    I celebrate ????my family time.

    I celebrate ????my preparations for my program in Jain club.

    I celebrate ????my participation in the program.

    I celebrate ????my group number 9.

    I celebrate???? protection by lord Parshvanatha, 23rd trithankara.

    I celebrate???? his four vows.

    I celebrate???? Cosmic energies.
    February 28
  • Welcome Aboard!
    February 13