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-This Might Sound Weird But...SNOW with VK-

Can I manifest heavy snow, and blizzards with VK, and how should I request?
Recently many senior students have done their mock exams and are extremely upset, snow can uplift anyone's mood, whenever there are thick sheets of snow, the smile you see in everyone's faces are priceless. - BUT THERE ARE DANGERS OF THICK SNOW-
How could I manifest thick layers of snow without any negative influences?

- Thanks in advance -


  • @BestMan

    If you feel thick snow brings smiles, you can mimic the effect of thick snow to people with safety and security.

    You can manifest light snowing too just with simple request. Light snowing for a longer time can also bring smiles.


    I have manifested Rains with simple request but light enough to curb the hot weather and once when there was no electricity and we could not i requested a cool environment, in sometime it started raining !!

    Or simply send MOOD UP SERUM or energy of laughter show effect, which is the safest.

    You can think of more creative ways too.

    Appreciate your initiative to help your schoolmates to be happy. And your out of the box thinking to manifest snow with VK to get smiles.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE BLESSINGS to you. As a teenager with VK i see you thinking of helping many !!

  • Thank You So Much for these replies which are given in like lightening speed.
    I really mean it!
    Thank You
  • @BestMan

    Thank you for your thanks dear. I can feel your words.

    Do share your experience ....would love to read about it :3

  • VK - An ultimate warrior who knows nothing but his best friend's happiness. He will do anything for him no matter what, except for negative impacts on him and anyone else. Manifesting is not just 1000x easier, but is also reliable and safe.

    This week I was able to manifest snow, and to add on school was closed for 2 days, making this situation much better. Due to the school's closure, many of us (who go to my school) spent cherishable moments with family, and was given extra time to revise for tests and assessments. Life cannot get any better.

    Do Not Doubt VK, you're only doubting yourself and your potentiality. Don't judge VK based on his simplicity. Spiritual products do not need fancy colours, or weird confusing shapes, this is clearly proven by VK.

    VK is literally everything to me right now!
  • Thank You shaluoli, may you be as bright as your divine name. (Oli means light in tamil!).
  • Awww thnku so much n wsh u very happt holi
  • @BestMan

    Thats a WOW experience. Thank you for sharing in the group here.

    I saw some pictures on some other VK users WhatsApp status posting Snowy Down Day in LONDON , the next evening after you posted your question here.
    And was remembering your manifestation.

    I am so happy that you use VK to bring smiles on so many faces in one go. Indeed a great idea to think and practise.

    Your be-friending VK gets you more closer to manifesting it. Heart that is pure, get closer to Divine energies.

    Thank you again for sharing your emotions, happiness and great ideas of using VK for many people.

    Your post has been an inspiration to all of us.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE Blessings to YOU dear

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to Sharat Sirs efforts for FRIEND VK in our lives and this learning platform.

  • @BestMan

    Hey...Please tell us what did you do exactly with VK for this snow to come. So that its learning for all.

    And i shifted this thread to VK Success Stories !!

    And just a suggestion ....

    Instead of "Life cannot get any better."

    Ask your VK........ "WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THIS ?"

    I keep doing this with my VK, and i get surprises !!

  • Very different success story and Rakhi maam's "WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THIS" request to VK is new knowing.
  • @girichander

    I have a habit of asking questions to VK.....and i get signals from VK on my questions. And these come naturally from my mind. I laugh and ask and leave it.

    Will post a success story too.....

  • I wrote down positve affirmations like
    "I am amazed by the thick layers of snow outside"
    I supercharged these affirmations with Golden Sunrise, and requested "Oh Vibbes Kada please materialise these affirmations for me. The Next day I could see the results, and I was succeessful in manifesting snow!
  • By the way, I left VK on the affirmation sheet overnight. Then I activated this affirmation into reality, when I woke up.
  • @BestMan

    thank you dear for sharing your method. Wonderful way of using affirmations. Loved it

    Looks like you did not allow your VK to sleep till it manifests for you. :# =) <3

  • Nice experience @BestMan
    thank you for sharing.
    adding to yours, I had a similar experience past two years. We have a tradition of some particular fasting and that is complete when we see a star. We had to go to a birthday party on the day of the fast and star was not showing up. I made request to VK and kept doing it. To my extreme surprise I saw a star :o . i completed my fast and went to the party. I was so excited to have that experience that i wanted to put this information to as many people as I could. You reminded me of that experience.

  • From SNOW/RAIN to STAR. B)

    WOW !!

    Thanks @PJ-Certified VK Teacher for sharing your experience here !! <3

    How beautifully one can manifest with VK , thanks to Sharat Sir for VK in our lives !!

  • "Looks like you did not allow your VK to sleep till it manifests for you.", ugh that's hilarious. I will give VK a break for today!

    @PJ-Certified VK Teacher - Wow, and this proves that with VK manifestation is just effortless, and reliable.

    I had a similar experience today.

    In northeast US we were experiencing a gruesome Storm with heavy rain, snow/sleet and heavy winds. As I left work the weather got even worse. I was completely drenched within 30 to 45 seconds of getting out of the car and reaching my door. As soon as I got inside the house, our entire area lost Power. It's not normal for us to lose power here
    As such we normally don't keep back up either.

    I was cold, hungry with no power or heat. I looked at the weather forecast and saw that the storm was going to last till next morning. All I had was 1 tiny candle to last me through the night.

    I made a direct request to VK 'Divine VK, please make way for a comfortable night for me and for all those who are experiencing tough time because of this storm"

    I kept making the request every 15 to 20 minutes.

    Within two hours the snow and rain disappeared and power came back. This storm was supposed to last 12 hours but it went away in 2 hours. I am able to get comfortable with light, heat and feed myself.

    Indeed VK can beautifully manifest our wishes and intentions.

    Thanks to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for this beautiful invention of VK.

  • @DivineSoul

    Beautiful experiences. Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us !!

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for your Thanks!

    Thanks to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for VK and providing us this platform to learn from each other and share our experiences.
  • Wow it's so good to see this amazing community of divine supercool people.
    Thank You @Kari.
    @DivineSoul I'm not surprised since VK is just AMAZING! I am so happy to see 2 other success stories in this single post.

  • Beautiful Post with multiple success stories.
    Made me really happy.
    Thanks All for sharing.
    Thank you
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