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On 18th i had been to a shopping festival. I had just been to two stalls. I reached out my handbag to remove my wallet in the 3rd stall.

I realised my wallet was missing and it was flicked from my closed handbag. I went back to the previous stalls, but couldn't find it. And i remembered keeping it back in my handbag after purchase from 1st stall.

I panicked because it had my important documents too. I gave SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to my wallet and additional SHIELD to my documents. I used GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH NOW with VK.

I realised its pure theft, someone has watched me through the stalls. Through VK i spoke to the person who flicked my wallet. This is what i requested to VK,

VK please convey my message to the person who has flicked my wallet.....I know some financial situation has made you steal my wallet. So you can keep my cash, but please return to me my documents safely as i need them, and it will not help you anyway. But they mean a lot to me.

I even started wondering now i have reapply for all document ....oh god.

I immediately blocked my debit card, the balance was same as day before and i was told i will get a new card within 5 days.

I lodged an FIR in the police station mainly because of documents.

I went online after 4 days to check what are the procedures for re-application, but felt irritated with the procedures. On 22nd i received NEW debit card

On 24th, i stopped all healings for this wallet and felt, let me take a break and then think how to manage all this.

Today on 26th, i received an envelope by post without sender's name but a phone number.

The envelope was double packed, it had
a 2 Rupee COIN.

All original and exactly same condition.OMG!!

I tried calling the number, but it was not reachable.

So a big thanks to Sharat Sir and my VK.

Whenever i loose money, i take it positively thinking that maybe i owed it to someone and it has reached there.

A took a learning that my documents should be carried separately if required.

My prayer was from my heart and it was fulfilled the moment i released the tension within me. I got back all the documents even those which i didn't remember was there in the wallet.

Today the 2 Rupee coin matters a lot to me, that it came back from someone who needed it but still returned it to fill the void of money lost, I call it Shagun ke paise.

Thank you Sharat Sir for beautiful VK in our lives, taking care in beautiful ways.


  • Thankyou for sharing Simply awesome didi.
    "Aapki pure intention aur hamesha sabhi ke liye acha karna kehna aur sochna hota hai."
    Just incredible experience, it is always a learning to read your writings. VK is so purely attached to your soul now.
    Thankyou sir for giving me opportunity to learn and earn with your blessings.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for your thanks and for your kind words.

    This experience is another personal break through too.....If life gives us troubles , VK gives us relief !!

  • Wowwwww sai bless...ths is very beautful exp
  • Wow Rakhiji such an awesome experience...and there is so much of pure feelings from your end even though under such a circumstance you would generally think only ill of the person who has stolen your stuff...thank you for this's a new way of approaching a situation...thank you Sharath Sir
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Though it should not have happened but this is life and yes ups and downs gains and losses are attached with us so we have to bear all this but at the same time we are blessed to have VK and @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor sir with us in every difficult situation of our lives. Thanks to you to make it a success and bless the person who might have done this in some need.

  • @shaluoli

    Thank you dear for SAI blessings. <3


    Thank you for your kind words. There are 2 ways to express feelings....negative or positive. The situation was painful. Being compassionate in every situation raises our frequency. And with VK it gets easier. Thanks to Sharat Sir and Divine VK in our lives. I appreciate your openness in expressing. <3

    @PJ-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for for your thanks. Yes indeed VK is a blessing in our lives and association with Sharat Sir makes us stronger to deal with situations.
    Blessed to have you and Sir in my life. <3

  • Very nice experience. Felt so good while reading the way you put positively to the person who took your wallet (not feeling good to him thief :) ). Everyday I learn many good lessons in forum and thanks to Sharat Sir & all the VK teachers. :3

  • @Chetandurdi

    Thanks dear for your kind words. Thanks to Sharat Sir for Litairian Forum and VK teaching us from each other's experiences .

  • Wow that's Wonderful.

  • Wow.beautiful experience.Rakhi dii u teach us sumthing new everytime
  • @Kari

    Thank you dear for your appreciating words .

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Golden Sunrise for your wonderful experience.

    Yesterday my cousin faced a robbery and he is going to deliver gold samples to one jeweler shop, and suddenly some guys came and rob the gold by hitting his friend with AXE by the grace of GOD he is safe. The gold weight was nearby 2 kg and some gold belongs to him and balanced gold belong to any other person. So now can you assist how to use VK to recover it, they have already lodge FIR. This incident happens in UK.


  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi,

    Encouraging to read your post. One thing I learnt is no matter what always remember VK is there to help us (tricky part is being calm under the circumstances:) ).

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for awesome invention.

    Golden Sunrise,

  • @Vinodh
    GOLDEN SUNRISE and thank you.
    Thanks to Sharat Sir for awesome invention

  • Great experience... I just realised I lost my purse to a plumber in my room out of my negligence as always. I am praying VK so that I get back my lost money (without hastle).
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