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Some Powerful Methods to do Powerful Emotional Healing with VK

Golden Sunrise to All

I have been recently studying on a different post on our forum there was this article in which a lady was suffering from physical pain cured due to releasing negative emotions

So done my small research on different ways to release negative emotions memories thoughts beliefs etc

As it helps in many ways like deep peace and also boosts Law of Attraction

There are many methods like:-

EFT uses meridian points to release emotions memories thoughts beliefs

Yuen Method another method which uses midline or focuses on the spinal column to release emotions physical pains thoughts and beliefs this is powerful

Sedona method uses questions to release emotions thoughts and beliefs

Nuro linguistic Programing is also a great way to release negative emotions it has varied uses but a good way to release ur beliefs and thoughts

Emo Trance another way to release emotions through awareness it's invented by Silvia Heartmann

Hypnosis also can be used to release emotions

These are some of the methods used to release emotions

These all can be easily mimicked through VK

The thing is you should focus on a specific area to use the releasing procedure

Thank You Sharat Sir for providing such a tool a modality

Thank You Team Litrarian and Rakhi Mam

Golden Sunrise


  • Wow Amazing post Thankyou for Sharing so many methods to release emotions with VK mimicking.
    Golden Sunrise to your efforts.
  • @Krishnaguntupalli
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Have you tried VK mimicking with Yuen, Sedona, Neuro linguistic, Emo trance that you mentioned in your post?
    What is your experience through VK healing, you can share here if you have done it.

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam

    Yes Mam I have tried with hypnosis Sedona method Yuen Method EFT and EmoTrance

    EFT was the first thing I used as I have read the post on it so I started a regular water chargeing for all negative feelings it has very relaxing and calming effects

    Hypnosis works really good with bad memories and fear issues I used it long time ago for my fears of meeting new people at work and it worked fantastically well as I feel comfortable with new people around me

    Yuen Method this was used by me for bad memories their r some memories I am not very proud of and it has so much guilt to it the memory comes and disturb me not often but sometimes and this method is really good as it has very effective results within three direct request I feel very relieved and happy it was quick

    Emo Trance I just tried it once just to know for motivation for house chores and it works

    This is my experience with emotions release techniques mimicking with VK

    In any case we can also dierectly ask VK to release emotions

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for a tool that has so versatile use and helping us to solve our problems in life

    Thank You Rakhi Mam I tend to forget that this platform is to share personal experience with VK just sharing techniques is not sufficient these personal experiences helps me and others too Thank You for reminding me as these experiences motivate us all too keep useing VK in different ways to solve our problems

    Thank You Team Litrarian for creating such a great platform


    Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise Puneet Sir

    Thank You for encouraging me

    Thank You for supporting and motivating me with so much love and excitement

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for VK and all the blessings it brings

    Thank You Rakhi Mam

    Thank You team Litrarian


    Golden Sunrise
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