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Request help with VK after hearing tragic incident

edited December 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I have been unable to sleep even a bit after hearing the tragic incident of the hyderabadi veternarian Dr Priyanka. I tried requesting VK to help remove my fear, make me bold and courageous but iam now afraid to even step out of home. Request anyone to help me work around VK better to "fall asleep" thats all as its obstructing my other activities. I read Rakhi mams link to Chetans article on stress and its relation to VK. This incident is the stress and it skeeping me awake all night.


  • @vidhya
    You may please follow this VK Tip 76


    You can take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS as frequently as possible.

    Especially before sleeping or steping out you can request for SHIELD OF 7 RAYS.

    Also i request you not to follow the news or chats related to incidents which are affecting you from now. As the news or updates will keep coming on internet. Avoid reading them as of now.

    If possible chant GOLDEN SUNRISE holding VK to divert your mind and think of beautiful life for you.

    You can also pray for peaceful journey of soul of Dr Priyanka. This will release your sadness.
  • Rakhi mam, thank you so much for taking your time to respond. I will follow your instructions.

  • Rakhi mam sorry to bother you but iam following everything you said (mentioned above) is vb working very slow for me...i slept 3 hours last night after 7-8 days for the 1st time...Golden sunrise worked for me before in everything but now in this particular case iam chanting iam doing everything instructed yet with less or no i under too much to experience the results...pls help me before i go mad. Yes thats how it is.


  • i under too much "stress" to experience the results.

  • @vidhya
    If you slept last night after a week, thats a good sign. Look at the positive side that you are getting back to sleep. You posted yr question only 3 days back.

    Speed of results depends upon need of energy and situations around. So dear please do healing with patience.

    You can also check this BASIC POST 13

  • yes mam i will follow everything you say thank you

  • @vidhya

    Please request VK for Chakra Flush Empowerment with a direct request. Do this 3 to 4 times a day.

    Continue other healings also as posted in comments above

  • Mam sleeping peacefully since the last 2 days uninterruptedly. I bow to you in gratitude mam. VK is finally decided toconnect with me I hope. And I hope this sleeping thing continues.

  • @vidhya
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to you. Nice to hear your VK experience. Please continue healing for some more time. VK is always connected to us. Make it your friend 24 * 7 .
    Thank you for your thanks. Gratitude to Sharat Sir for gift of VK and simple healing ways with VK.

  • @vidhya stay safe.golden sunrise to you.Thanks to VK and Sir for Shield of 7 rays

  • Thank you Leena mam. Thank you Sharat sir.

  • Rakhi mam can i post or write to you about a personal goal/wish. iam talking to vk and i think you will suggest that but would feel more confident if you help. But I will follow whatever you say.

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