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Attract buyers and Increase Sales

edited September 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
I just want to share my good experience with my Dear Divine VK today. My niece is a sales lady and I want to help her to have sales today. I asked her to send me the picture of the items she's selling. I watch the video for GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT for her, play LAXMI video for her, and I asked my VK to please give her buyers while chanting in mind the 87 RAISE PROFITS, I even gave her that so she can chant/memorize it while standing. I followed her up after 3 hours and asked if she have sales. She told me, yes Aunt, it's like a miracle today, I sold 6 items and my co-workers we're surprised. Now they all want to send a picture of their stalls so I can charge it also, they also want to use the 87 RAISE PROFITS, I told her, everyone can use it with intention.
WOW, I'm sooo happy with that result. My Divine thanks to Universe, my VK and Sharat Sir for granting my request. Sometimes I feel like my VK is talking to me and telling me what to do, soo cool that we're getting close to each other, and everytime I remove it in my neck to send direct request, I feel like part of me is missing. I just got my VK Aug 15, 2019 and I know iit has a lot of wonderful things to offer. So grateful to have VK in my life. May God bless us all and more power.


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