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  • @lunawat123

    Don’t you think that going in past would waste your time and energy ?

    And what if you see some bad karmas and keep digging for more and crying and repenting as the past is past now, it CANNOT be changed.

    All what you can do is CREATE new, spend your time and energy in CREATION than repenting.

    Happy Manifesting...:)
  • @lunawat123

    Sharat Sir guides to add more karma ie good karma especially when we have VK we have the blessing to improve our life others lives and add to more good karma.

    Also Sir says how do you know how many actions are actually negative in past. Who will judge them.

    With more good in this life , we atleast make our lives easier and suffer less.

    We are blessed with VK.Hope you read Sharat Sirs latest article on Karmas.

    Personally i feel we cannot judge our life karmas even in the present lives. Most of the times we feel we are correct. Who will do regression of our actions or who is capable

    Also not all actions or situations are from past...some or most of them are even from our current life decisions.

    But we sometimes emotionally escape on them with thinking of past.

    We take decisions and we act and then to bear fruits.

    Rather than getting into analysis why not get into action to do more good for everyone. With VK you can so much.

    What say lunawat
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher @PJ-Certified VK Teacher :thankyou for :beautiful guidance.

    :thankyou @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for VK and a beautiful post and Wisdom.

    Thank you Rakhi Mam for linking the post.

  • what u said is very true mam but reently my fd who is a reki master and past life analyser asked me to do this so that i can kow why all my work is getting struct

  • edited March 2018

    @lunawat123 please send All Clear Serum to all past life and current life incidents that may be obstructing your work. Add Golden Sunrise for enhanced effect.

    You can also send All Clear Serum to your work related matters to clear any obstacles.

    You can also use Balance Serum. Read this post to know more about how Balance Serum helps in 24 different ways to balance all aspects of our lives.

    For Work related matters use can use Golden Sunrise Total Wealth Serum Alpha Male Serum and Shield of Seven Rays

    You can also make a direct request to VK for your desired intention in simple words.

    Please read this post by @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher on Attracting Prosperity (to improve your work matters).

    Golden Sunrise to your efforts!

  • Thank you @DivineSoul .

    perfect reply too....:)

  • @lunawat123

    Thank you for expressing so clearly about your situation.

    We appreciate it.

    Pl wait for the reply from Sharat Sir.
  • @lunawat123

    If you go to any reiki teacher or healer , when they dont have solution they will ask you for past life regression and karma digging.

    So in multiple sessions you will get regression done for your past life. Now if it happens that you took birth 100000 times , then you will have to do regression for all lives. Because they tell you that your current life suffering is due to past.

    They will charge you Rs 2000 or maybe 18000 for all sessions with concession. And you will get into circle of analysis loosing your time money and more over exhaust your energy.

    This viscous circle will not allow you to live and enjoy or improve this life.

    So it is best to create karma which is positive rather than exhausting yourself in further negativity.

    Choice is ours to live and create positive or trap ourselves in past.
  • @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor Thank you for clear explanation and beautiful advice on choosing to live in present and create Good Karma.

    :thankyou Sir for your guidance.

  • @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor
    Thank you Sir for Super wonderful guidance you give us with your knowledge sharing.

    With high regards and love we are truly blessed to learn from you and have VK in our lives.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE Sir to all your efforts and teachings !!
  • Loving guidance Sir.
    Gratitudes for all the Wonderful learning with your blessings.
  • thank you Sir for guiding us all on the most important tip of life as knowingly or unknowingly we all are dwelling in past and not remaining in our present situation. We all should take care and follow he guidance. :gugup2

  • Oh what a wonderful and informative discussion.

    My humble gratitude to Sharat Sir, for caring to give such enlightening guidance.

    Thanks to @PJ-Certified VK Teacher, @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher, you said it all.

    Thanks @DivineSoul, you have a great acumen and grasp towards the world of energy. Great going.

    Dear @lunawat123, I think all has been explained, more than enough, but I feel you are still unsure, since you have not come back. Please recall you did not come back on your prior to previous post on energy exchange quarry of VK in Spiritual discussions group. Instead you started another thread in General discussions group reporting non-happening of any result from VK. We share your concern, shown in your desperation to change things in your life, but please understand, flickering of faith, due to some frustration will not get you a result. This is my opinion.

    I can see, you are going haywire to achieve this change. While you are being guided by your fd (reiki master), you still are verifying your move. This actually flickers your focus, and without a focus, you may not achieve a goal. Doctrines differs and colloid, and results. A doctor (MD) in medicine may suggest, your disease could be diluted and cured by medicine, but a Surgeon will suggest a surgery. This is your dilemma and such is your situation.

    Sharat Sir is like an Ocean. If I take a bucket full, it might change my life, but the Ocean shall not be affected. So, we never impose our doctrines to anyone. I have seen so many people mingling in this Karma venture. Many people often talk about it, but never seen any testimony, declaring anything achieved out of it. Reason :
    a) Complexity : PL regression and Karma is so complex, that even masters are sometimes lost in it.
    b) Capability : Novices are not Masters. in any field you may observe, to perform an advance task, you got to be capable. My aspiration to fly is futile unless I acquire a capability to do so.

    Now, lets come to the point. Believe me, Negative thoughts are known to be one of the most ruthless killers in this world, and unfortunately, we hire these assassins ourselves.

    In our melancholy, we generally presume, having committed Sins or Bad karma in the past, as a result of which our present has become miserable. Did you know, just by this thought, we dig deep pit of sorrows in our present instantaneously. Now, what if I undergo a Past Life regression and find that in my Life # (-10), I did something really wrong and bad. How do I undo it? Ok, if in case I do so.....can anyone imagine, what is the aftermath?
    a) Being apprised of the Bad Karma of the past, itself, may pose a negative effect on one's present.
    b) By undoing that karma, thousands of Karma, related to that specific Karma, gets undone. (maybe they were gradual repentance of that karma# 1)

    Sir, has given the most wonderful and practical solution - to create Karma. Past is not in our control, but our Present is. Create Karma and the past is automatically cleared. If you believe you brought forward, effects of your past karma, then why go back and scratch. Think positive and wipe off all unsettled & outstanding accounts NOW.

    But whatever you do, please focus your intentions with stability. Have faith on yourself. Time will change and you can do it.

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