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My cousin is in real estate business. He works as real estate consultant. He is not earning enough money. He has a wife and a son (one year old). He is suffering financially. His expenditure is more than his earning.
Shall I give him this combination
I read somewhere that AMS replaces MUS & BRS. So instead of MUS and BRS, which other serum can I use?
Pls guide me


  • Where did you read that @Gayathri

    May be there is a mistake, you can give these serums altogether to the person.

    Add Total Wealth Serum and Golden sunrise for the rest of the family members too, those who are dependent on him.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to his work place too
  • Thank you mam @PJ-Certified VK Teacher
    I read this in a post from our litairian forum. Sorry, I forgot the name of the post. One of the VK teachers said that AMS includes BRS & MUS for a boy. So no need to send BRS MUS separately again while giving AMS.
  • @Gayathri

    With regular intake of ALPHA MALE/WOMAN SERUM, there is a boost in personality .

    The confidence level rises and person also becomes attractive. Starts loving self. Interacts smartly with people. Handles many people with courage.

    Overall becomes happy due to changes in self.

    So such person does not require MOOD UP SERUM or BRAVO SERUM , but its not a replacement. The concept is that when you already raise yourself , you may not require these serums on regular basis.

    But when situation requires, mental serums can be added on need basis.

    For example in the beginning when the person is too low emotionally and lacks confidence or in a sudden critical situation.

    Evaluate case to case basis. And situation basis. Also for the same person, healing strategies can be changed based on changes in personality and emotional levels and environment.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you mam .. Now I understood
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