how can we give Love Serum to many people at once.

since the energy is given by VK is distributed if we have many people on the list to provide the Love serum, how can we provide the Love serum to people to many people without distributing the energy through VK.



  • @Manmit energy through VK doesn't get disturbed if you have many people on list to send energy. Energy gets divided into all the people who are receiving the energy. If we talk only about Love Serum then it has to be worked on all the people together as they all need to be loving. So write all the names and keep sending the energy to all who need the energy.
    But if we talk about any other Serum then that is for sure that energy will get divided according to the need of the recievers.
    You can send energy either together or individual, as it is easy for you. Sending energy together for all would save your time. May be divided but all will receive some energy than none.

  • Thank you ji,

    I am thinking to create the list to send the Love Serum


    Name the List as "LOVE ALWAYS"

    Please suggest if my thinking is right.

  • List doesn’t need name

    Just write names and request to VK for 3 times, rotate VK and let VK donits work :)
  • Super :) Thank you ji.

  • :thankyou for your :thankyou
  • @Manmit

    You can also use Multiple VK to BOOST up the healing. When i have to send same energy to many people at the same time , i use multiple VK.

    Please check this innovative way to BOOST the healing using multiple VK.

    You request energy to one VK and place it on the list of names. Request the second VK to BOOST the healing of 1st VK and place it next to 1st VK without touching the 1st VK.

    Then request the 3rd VK to BOOST the healing of 2nd VK and so on.

    For details please check the link.

    In this way, you BOOST up the healing, rather than energising it multiple times with only one VK.

    I think here the list is of the people in your business team or clients, so you can use a TEAM OF VK !!

    If you want to energise your list remotely, when you are not around, you can either get the list in your intention and request VK, or you can give a name to the list and energise with the name of the list.

  • can you put light on this one

    so you can use a TEAM OF VK !! ?

  • Team of VK means USING many VK
  • @Manmit

    Here are some examples of how I use VK for above scenarios

    "Divine VK, Please send LOVE SERUM LOVE SERUM LOVE SERUM to my Offshore team in Noida"
    I say this and keep VK aside for 30 minutes

    I have a list of clients printed on paper -

    I say this and rotate VK for 1-2 minutes on the paper and keep VK on the paper for 30 minutes or sometimes less

    I also send other Serums to group of people when the goal and intended result is common for all members of the group - for example
    I sent Bravo Serum and Golden Sunrise to Indian Cricket Team when I feel they need it.

    "Divine VK please send Golden Sunrise Golden Sunrise Golden Sunrise Bravo Serum Bravo Serum Bravo Serum to Indian Cricket Team"

    Hope this helps!

    @PJ-Certified VK Teacher :thankyou for your guidance

    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher :thankyou for your advice on how to use multiple VK's to boost the energy.

    @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor :thankyou for the gift of VK

  • @DivineSoul - Wow - Bravo Serum to Indian Cricket Team. That's so cool. Didn't think of it.
    Thanks for your inputs.

    Will keep you guys posted on my progress. @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor @PJ-Certified VK Teacher @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher @DivineSoul

  • @Manmit :thankyou for your :thankyou

    Thanks to Sharat Sir, We now have Infinite Cool Possibilities in our lives with help of VK.

  • @Manmit

    The term TEAM OF VK is cited in the article , the link of Innovative way to BOOST using multiple VK. =)

    Thank you for your thanks.


    Great thought for Indian Cricket Team. You can also give BEAUTY SERUM to their performing skills if you wish too.

    Thank you for your thanks.

    Yes VK has Infinite possibilities, the more we explore the more interesting it gets !!

  • Thank you for your thanks

    Loved your spirit @DivineSoul of sending energy to cricketers .
    Let’s choose our soldiers too. =)
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