Making the House Help Stay On

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Hi Mentors, Golden Sunrise...there was a small misunderstanding with my maid who has been working with me since 10yrs. Of late she has not been coming on time on confronting her she got upset. Now she says she wants to leave next month. She is very trustworthy and I want her to continue to work for me. Please could you guide me on how to use VK to clear this misunderstanding and ensure that she stays on happily....thank you


  • @Varsha

    There are two options for you. You can use energy of Shield of 7 rays for your domestic help.

    You can request GOLDEN SUNRISE energy for a new maid, better than her.

    To make request to GOLDEN SUNRISE energy you can Say” GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for this maid to stay” or “ GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for a perfect maid to appear NOW”

    Know what YOU want exactly, either the same maid or a new one and make request to vk
  • Thank you Payal Ma'am for the quick response will do that
  • Thank you for your thanks
    Waiting for your success. Do share
  • Sure Ma'am
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you......success ....I chanted 'Golden Sunrise make way for my maid to stay on' and also made an EC and wrote Golden Sunrise and wrote my wish and rotated VK on the EC just since last evening. My maid is staying on....thank you so much...thank you Payal Ma'am, thank you Sharat Sir, thank you VK
  • @Varsha

    Thats great. Thank you for sharing your experience.


  • Thank you Rakhi Ma'am
  • Wow, congratulations for your success. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your wish
  • Thank you Payal Ma"am
  • :thankyou for your thanks
  • Thank you Sir
  • :) im without a maid since 24th feb... and for some reason nobody is turning up also.. and frm 1st march at moms place cos dad is serious... will definitely try @PJ-Certified VK Teacher ma'ams tips. . THANKS
  • Waiting for your success @Sulatha . GOLDEN SUNRISE to your wish
  • @PJ-Certified VK Teacher hello maam... I am trying for maid.. requesting VK pls mk way fr a perfect maid to appear nw'
    Wots happening is maids r coming (appearing) two maids came bt thy didnt take up the work.

    Pls help if any changes required in the request?
  • @Sulatha

    Appear means only appear....thats what happened !!

    Change the request to..... perfect maid for my housework NOW(Keep the intention that they get hired by you )

    I think because earlier no one turned up, your intention was for them to appear.....

    Even if you say APPEAR...the intention should be to get hired.....

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