Holy Books and VK

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Golden Sunrise all..
I have this problem while reading any Holy Books like Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ramayan etc.. My mind keeps thinking about something else n not fully focus on what I am reading.. n often feel sleepy n tired too.. sometimes even before I complete my paarayan some hurdle pops up n I don't finish the book..

Can I charge my Holy Books with SS ?? What other energies are required for me to stay focused, active while doing paarayan ??


  • @Madhoo ji
    You can charge your books with Study Serum, Balance Serum and GOLDEN SUNRISE . The energies will take care.
  • @Madhoo

    In addition, you can take CALM DOWN SERUM and the start reading the books you wish too.

    Request VK to give you energy to read the books with pleasure

  • Sure Thank you so much Payal Ji and Rakhi Ji.. :)
    I will follow this regularly..
  • Thank you for your thanks ji
    How to mimick the holy books energy using VK ? I read about holy book mimicking energy in some FAQs.
    "VK pls give me the energy of bhagavadgeetha " or
    "VK pls give me the knowledge of bhagavadgeetha"
  • @Gayathri

    You can frame the requests as you feel to do.

    Another way would be


    We can take the energies of Holy books if we wish, but it is always a different experience to read them and enhance our knowledge. Request VK to help us while we read , request VK to help us to apply the knowledge in our lives.

    Like you can take PERFECT HEALTH SERUM to take care of nutritional deficiencies, but it is always good to take serums along with a healthy diet.

    What say Gayathri

  • Okay mam ... Understood... Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
  • Thanks much again Rakhi Ji and Payal Ji.. I have started reading Sri Sai Satcharitra from Thursday and wished to not have hurdles and focus on stories of Sai baba.. n I completed reading all 52 adhyaay.. without hurdles twice n yet to do 9 more days to complete 11 times paarayan..
    Thanks to VK for keeping me focused.. :)
  • @Madhoo

    Great Madhoo. OM SAI RAM !!

    :thankyou for sharing your experience.

    Share with us after you finish Paarayan

  • Wow, thank you for sharing ji
  • Thank you I have a small query related to this Sai Paarayan and as I asked in another post "Manifestation with VK"..

    Like I have a wish and currently rotating VK while reciting GS and mantra.. so I am actually doing the above Sai paarayan for the same wish... so can I rotate VK on my wish paper while reading Sai charitra adhyaay.. ??
  • @Madhoo

    Yes you can.

    There are no restrictions with VK for any rituals. Use it as you wish for any positive action
  • Ok Rakhi Ji.. Thank you so much.. :)
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    @PJ-Certified VK Teacher

    My sankalp of completing 11 times Sri Sai Satcharitra Paaraayan by Sri Rama Navami was full filled without any hurdles and with ease by Sunday 25th..

    As mentioned in my above comment.. I was continuously rotating VK on my wish while doing the paaraayan and yes my wish has been FULFILLED with DIVINE blessings of Shri Sai.. and my dearest dearest VK Sai.. I am so happy to share my success...

    Thank you all so much for your unending support.. :)

  • @Madhoo

    Thats great . OMSAIRAM !!

    Thank you for sharing your happiness.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE CELEBRATIONS to your patience and fulfilling yr wish !!

  • Thank you so much Rakhi Ji.. it wasn't easy without ur support.. hi-5 to you.. :)
  • Congratulations on your success ji. Thank you for sharing. =)
  • Thank you Payal Ji... it was first you who told how VK could help n be used in my different problems.. exactly one year back I remember how i used to message and call u with my doubts.. thanks again..! =)
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