Driving test with vk

i have driving test wt type of srerum i have to use and how Can i use it . Pl can u explain
Chitra =)


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    @Swathichitra Golden Sunrise

    You could send Golden Sunrise, Study Serum and Brain Serum.

    Please hold your VK and say.


    And keep VK aside for 30 minutes. Do this as often as possible. Keep the intention of passing the exam with ease.

    I recently gave a certification test and I have also added ALPHA WOMEN SERUM x 3 times to above combination to boost my confidence.

    Occasionally I also added ALL CLEAR SERUM x 3 and BRAVO SERUM x 3 times overcome my fears.

    I passed the exam with flying colors and achieved 98.7 percentile. This was my 3rd attempt with this exam and it was a tough one.

    You could also make a direct request to VK and say

    VK Golden Sunrise please make way for me to pass my driving test with ease.

    You could charge your water with above Serums and consume as often as possible especially on the day of your test.

    Please read this post for guidance on how to charge water.


    You can also charge the vehicle used for the test, your preparation for the test, etc Golden Sunrise, Study Serum and Brain Serum.

    Good luck for your test and Golden Sunrise to your efforts!!
  • During Learning for 1st time with my friend, I had taken BRAVO SERUM and STUDY SERUM. My friend told me that you are lying that you had not learned the drive. Actually I drove well as a professional during that learning period. But I just keep the secret at that time.

    Thanks to VKay
    Thanks to Sharat Sir.

  • Thank u very much
  • @Swathichitra :thankyou for your :thankyou

    Please share your experience
  • Today I passed drum only. Not slope. Golden sunrise.
  • @Swathichitra

    Congratulations for passing your Drum test.

    Maybe you need practise on slope ? Looks like....

    While you practise on slope please take Study Serum and Bravo Serum.

    Give GOLDEN SUNRISE and Beauty Serum to your driving skills.

    Finally the tests are for our safety....so continue with VK and practising.

  • @Swathichitra Congratulations on passing the Drum Test.
    With VK's help and your practice you will pass the slope test soon.
    Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for your guidance as always
  • Thank u Mam
  • again I failed in road test, wt mistake I did , I don’t knw
  • @Swathichitra

    Give EFT to all your fears daily
  • Mam EFT , how use here mam, I don’t knw this, can u explain
  • @Swathichitra

    Whenever a healing is suggested....you can take its energy with a simple request.

    If you have a doubt , use the SEARCH option on this forum....there is lot of knowledge shared.

    Do read the posts regularly if you wish to explore infinite possibilities with your VK.

    Please check this post for procedure.


    Do read the BASICs of VIBBES KADA section....then you will be an independent healer.
  • @Swathichitra

    Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT is a healing to release unwanted or trapped negative emotions.

    VK mimics this wonderfully.

    You can give direct request or charge drinking water.

    EFT can be included with other healing also....

    If you put EFT in SEARCH options....you will be able to read about it.
  • Thank you very much to give this explanations. Golden sunrise
  • K mam thanks for ur kind guidelines, sure will read basic vk session
  • Today I got license , I feel very happy with gudience. Golden sunrise
  • :smile: Congratulations @Swathichitra ji
    :innocent: This is the amazing divine powers of VK by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji.
    VK take care happiness of its user always.

    :star: You can always use Golden sunrise, Shield of seven rays while driving..
    In case of any fear add Bravo Serum

    Go for a long drive and relax yourself..
    Enjoy safe and happy driving Now and forever
  • @Swathichitra

    GOLDEN SUNRISE and Congratulations to you.

    Now enjoy your rides.

    How did you finally use VK for the test...please share to motivate all here...
  • Wowwww
  • Thanks mam , Puneet sir and shaluoli
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