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How junk food and pornography affects our mind body and soul ?

To what extent junk food affects us at soul level ?

Also How Porn messes with spirituality of a person ? Its effects on human aura ?


  • @apoorvm
    Junk food and Porn, both are addictive. As much as you eat junk or as much as you watch Porn, you start craving for more and more and finally fall to its addiction.
    But addiction to something doesn’t hinder being spiritual.

    @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir will tell you more about the spiritual connection of the two.
  • Golden Sunrise to All!

    @PJ-Certified VK Teacher if I may be allowed to share my thoughts on this post.


    If I may ask what your thought process behind someone eating Junk Food or watching Porn.

    Do you (or whoever you were referring to in your question) feel compelled to eat junk food or watch porn?

    Eating Junk food or even watching porn can sometimes be a momentary indulgence, we humans need indulgence every now and them – it satisfies our human body need.

    However, sometimes we lose control over our own self and then the indulgence becomes a habit and then habit becomes an addiction.

    This can be junk food or porn or alcohol or smoking or drugs, etc.,
    When it becomes an addiction it inherently becomes more of an emotional problem and less of a physical problem.

    A normal indulgence can become a repeated urge and an emotional dependency, there by resulting in to a psychological symptom of compulsive behavior.

    We often relate to spirituality and religion in same context and realm, almost like synonymous words, and we believe that something such as porn is not acceptable by our religion hence it will impair our ability to be spiritual.

    Spirituality (in my humble opinion) is the ability to be / feeling of / belief in the oneness between us and universe, divine force and Cosmic energies, it’s an essence of being in touch with our soul and inner self and cosmic energies.

    Addiction is not a spiritual problem; however, it certainly impairs our ability to be spiritual, it may impair our ability to stay connected with the universe, divine and cosmic energies.

    However, we may perceive addiction as religious failure as our religion as taught us some habits and principles. However, it’s not a religious problem either, its nothing more than a perception.

    Addiction is more or less a psychological symptom (again in my humble opinion), in other words it’s the inability to stay connected with our inner self, out of touch with divine and cosmic energies. In some scenarios Addiction is caused by emotional distress and in other instances its caused by lack of self-control.

    While addiction is not a spiritual problem, when we connect with divine and cosmic energies we feel less distressed, more in touch with ourselves, comfortable with ourselves and those around us, we feel more in self-control. We feel spiritually at peace. While recovering from addiction has very little to do with being spiritual, becoming spiritual or experiencing divine force can greatly help with overcoming an addiction.

    Spirituality is an aspect of our innate nature, consciously or subconsciously feel the longing for something more, something deeper, something greater than who we are and experience the process of growth into a deeper connection with Divine, with ourselves, and the world around us.

    Addiction often makes a spiritual / divine experience static. When we are in an addictive process, we want to hold on to that moment, and this leads us to a deeper need for that substance or process, in this process we lose connection with who we are, with those around us and it leads for us and our spirituality to become stagnate.

    Everything in moderation is acceptable. As long as you are able to draw the line between a momentary pleasure becoming an innate need and addiction, as long as your actions don’t hurt yourself or those around you, as long as you have self-control and you are in touch with your own self and have the ability to have self-control and experience the deeper connection with divine and cosmic energies, everything in moderation is acceptable.

    Thanks to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor , we have the gift of VK to experience cosmic energies, divine force and exercise self-control with help of VK.

    Trust and request your VK to guide you!

    Golden Sunrise Divine Blessings!!

  • Happy women's day @DivineSoul @PJ-Certified VK Teacher didi and all other beautiful women.
    @DivineSoul my gratitudes to your knowledge and understanding. Writing on this topic is really appreciable, please keep it up with sharing your views and thoughts with us.

    @apoorvm ji,
    Your question is already forwarded to great @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sirji for thier divine explanation.

    I am sharing my views on your queries.

    Junk food affect on Soul?
    There is no connection of soul and junk food, veg, non-veg or any other food habit.
    But yes it does effect on human aura by decreasing aura, by eating junk food and softdrinks use decreases Aura while eating fruits and natural food increases Aura. This i learnt in a practical session of during a Reiki class.

    let me clear one thing VK increase double aura of the wearer.
    VK users aura doesn't get affected by any electricity, appliances, mobiles, elecromagnetic waves, tv or other radiations and also with any food habits.
    This is done practically by me undee guaidance of @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor Sirji.

    For your another query
    How porn messes with Spirituality of a person?
    This also depends upon the level at which person is residing in Spirituality. A person who is practicing religion for ages can be a rapist in a moment while a pornstar can be a highly spiritual being.
    This is just a perception of human mind for a many misconception of right and wrong. The intention, the self control, the will power, the attachments, are several things, that leads the way to spirituality.
    No ages required it takes a moment to turn from king Sidharth to Gautam Budha.

    To achieve realms of Nirvana,Samadhi and higher levels in Spiritualism there are some basics to follow.
    For Spirituality one must be least attached to the materialistic world.
    For Spirituality one should be least distracted from wordly desires.

    Pornography will leads mind to create desires and illusion it will not only distracted mind from focus it also creates dissatisfaction in personal life of a person.
    A person who is habitual of porn watching will always remain in his own fantansy thoughts. He can never be comfortable in his social, official and personal world even it can lead him to unsocial doings to fulfill his fantasy.
    Thinking tends to change mental and physical behaviour too so aura will also get affected negatively.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you for your appreciation. It means a lot :)
    Also, Thank you for your Women's day wishes.

    Thank you for sharing your views as well. Very knowledgeable and quite commendable.

    Golden Sunrise to all your efforts and guidance for the VK Community.

  • Thank you @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher for your kind words.

    Happy Women’s Day to all beautiful and powerful women out there.
  • I waited all this time for @apoorvm to come back and say something. I mean if his quarry is well replied.

    Wonderful explanation shared by @DivineSoul Thank you. You have given a very detailed and wise information.

    Puneet is my lovely young brother, who pushed me on top of the Grapevine by prefixing "great" before my name. All glories goes to Sharat Sir, who deserves the appreciation. I am only his student. Besides, Puneet has put in another angle to the discussion. Great effort Puneet bhai.

    Although, much is already explained, I would like to summarize it in short. Please understand, Material & Spiritual worlds are totally different. Sometimes called as Maya, Material world is vulnerable to both positive & negative, Spiritual world, on the other hand is Crystal clear and pious. Junk food or porno, both are material, and what is material cannot touch spiritual modes directly. But material things may always pursue a spiritual degradation. Let me opine. Material inputs affect spiritual avenues on the Mental levels. Our mind is the junction which translates and transforms our "Bhava" or emotions/thoughts. This level is available to be approached by both - Material and Spiritual. Now, on one side, we have Material things - Junk food & Porno which is governed by the senses ie. Taste & Lust and on the other side is the Spiritual levels which is governed by Serenity and Purity. One is Excitement & Agitation, while the other is Calmness & Peace. Being a disparity of the opposite kind, both cannot exist in the same state of mind. I mean, one has to give space to the other. So once overpowered by lust, mind may channel the spiritual levels downwards. This is the science in this issue.

    Now, what should really be analysed is the reason, @apoorvm has asked this question. But Let me first be clear that we really do not have any grudge on anyone's personal preference/behavior, and this should be taken in No offence. Be it for ourselves or for someone else, what drives us to ask for preservation of sanctity, is our attraction towards a specific arena and our doubt that whether our indulgence in it, is proper or improper. I will call it doubt and not guilt because if justified by our consciousness, nothing in this world is wrong. Only a pinch of doubt makes it a Sin. This, however, does not makes a bad karma good. Ratnakar was a Robber but he robbed and killed, considering this activity as livelihood for him and his family. That is why, when the time came for his transformation, he was given the opportunity to become one of the greatest Sage of Vedic times - Valmiki.

    If the ideology of ISCKON has to be believed, we may see that devotees who go for Sankirtan (musical gratification of the Lord), will not accept cooked food from the house they have gone for the program. Rather they may happily accept Milk or Fruits from them. It is because, they believe that cooked food bear the thoughts and emotion of the person who cooked the food. So they take food cooked by a devotee only. What does this thought convey? If the Vaishnava ideology is to be believed, then it indicates that Food do pass energy in variance affecting our mind. Dear @apoorvm, in my opinion, now-a-days one cannot be so categorical in eating habits. Please carry on, Junk food does not affect your Spirituality at all. But please try to have junk food in limits. Please invite me sometimes.

    Referring to the Lust part, living in this world, one cannot be detached from senses. In Vedic times, even great sage Vishwamitra fell victim to it. But take it from me, if you have a Spiritual inclination, your senses will obey you. They will not overpower you. You have to board the bus and you can board one. Control the naughty sense and elevate, its more interesting above and beyond.
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for your Appreciation Sir, means a lot coming from someone as wise as you.

    And Thank You for such amazing explanation and wisdom, I continue to learn from each and every post of yours.


  • Everytime i got opportunity to read your writings it filled me with abundance of knowledge and Divine words.
    The beauty of every explanation and wisdom is amazing sir. 'Great' is just a word that came to mind in form of paying Gratitudes and pranam to you Sir.
    This time is the best of my life for i am learning under greatest guidance of Sharat Sir and You.
    Thankyou thankyou Sir for your time you give to spread knowledge to all of us.

    @DivineSoul you are a pure and beautiful person, GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts. Divine Blessings.
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge on all all fronts, material and spiritual world, balancing them, yet making self to rise....

    The examples made it so realistic to understand

  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for your kind words :)
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you again for sharing your words of wisdom and knowledge. Reading your thoughts is what we all wait for.

    @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher nice to learn your guidance.

    @DivineSoul you are going great and thank you for sharing all what you are learning and know.
  • Thanks to All. If I could convey something good, its my pleasure.

    But I would still wait for @apoorvm's acknowledgement. Since the thread was started by him, his satisfaction on the guidance/discussions completes it. What say?

  • @PJ-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for your Thanks & Thank you for your appreciation Mam!

  • Sorry for very late reply :D

    Thank you everyone for valuable information. I was asking for myself only

    Actually I am just trying to break old thinking pattern and habits with the help of VK so asked this.

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