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My old one client is taking advice from me and giving business to other company when I said to give business to me he always says I will give u definitely but 6 months passed what should I do


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    @Sandeep_6564 Golden Sunrise

    You may want to send Love Serum to this client

    You can say '' VK please send Love serum, Love Serum Love Serum to (persons name)' and keep VK aside for 30 minutes. Do this few times a could add Golden Sunrise for enhanced effect.

    You can also give yourself Golden Sunrise and Total Wealth Serum.

    VK Please send Golden Sunrise Golden Sunrise Golden Sunrise Total Wealth Serum Total Wealth Serum to me.

    You can also charge water with energy of Golden Sunrise and TWS and Consume 4 to 5 times every day.

    You can also send Golden Sunrise to all your communication with this client including the advice being given.

    You can place a direct request to VK to make way for you to secure business from this client.

    Like this -
    'VK please make way for me to secure business from (client name) NOW'

    Keep the intention positive and for mutually beneficial business transaction for you and your client.

    You could also watch Sharat Sir's video here to attract more clients

    Hope this helps.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts.
  • Beautiful @DivineSoul
    Just adding to your suggestions, add All clear serum too. There may be some unwanted energy to be removed.
  • @PJ-Certified VK Teacher Thank you Mam and Thank you for the above addition.
    Makes perfect sense to send All Clear Serum as well.
  • @Sandeep_6564

    In addition to all above wonderful suggestions by Divinesoul and PJ, you can add ALPHA MALE SERUM regularly. This will help you to be more confident and have a Charming personality.

    Whenever you are dealing with any client, always have the intention of "WIN WIN situation for both the parties"

    This sets in more positivity and you allow the energies to work on both sides. This is based on my personal experiences. And still if there are delays or no results that you desired, it is for your own good.

    Many times what we desire seems to be delayed or not manifested, in these are hidden learnings and something better is coming up for sure.

    Do not be anxious with delays and denials, keep working on the goals.

    Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to open more opportunities for prosperity.

    Keep the intention of more and new clients and energise every action in your business.

    Send GOLDEN SUNRISE to your emails, phone calls, presentations and whatever goes in finalising the deal.

    If required give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for your contract or deal with clients to protect your deal and information.

    When i get into negotiating deals, I request VK to fill the meeting room with GOLDEN SUNRISE and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM for both the parties and WIN -WIN for both !!

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