Scanning with VK

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In recent post on on VK experience there is mention of scanning is possible with VK. What is procedure?


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    Can I ask when did you got VK.
    Asking just to know of you are a new or an old vk user so I can explain you accordingly.
  • I got VK more than 6 months back.
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    Scanning with VK is very simple. It means rotating VK on the body and its part as done in Vital Organ Balancing. If the body or its part is fit and healthy, vk will flow normal energy buy if the body part is unhealthy then the energies will start flowing in more speed.

    You can scan your own body or anyone else's body too. All you need to do is to rotate VK on the body/ body part slowly and keep moving to the other part of the body.

    Send more energy to the affected body part.

    When you rotate VK on the affected body part, it will ask for more energy, you can feel a pull of energy in the body. So you can send more energy.

    Scanning can be done directly on the body as VOB. It can also be done on palm of a person, doll as a substitute of the human body, or in imagination too.

    To do scanning on palm, imagine the person's body or affected part on your either hand, rotate VK on the palm, you will get same answer as by doing directly on the body.

    Scanning of the human body with VK can help you to avoid the expensive diagnosis, can save you from doctors fees, can heal you even without knowing the illness. All you need is scan the body and send energy/ more energy to the part affected.

    Please share the experience and do ask if required.
  • Woww thankyou for wonderful explanation @PJ-Certified VK Teacher didi.
    @Chetandurdi sharing as per my personal experiences on scanning or diagnose of the affected body part/ organ can be done very easily with as described by didi in the comment above.
    As a new begginer if you try this on your palm than it will more easy to get you noted and experience. Please do slow rotations and you will feel vibrations in case of more energy need for an organ it will be huge sensation and when the tingling/vibrations get stops it means the required energy is sent by VK.
    By practicing you can diagnose directly on rotating VK over body for self or others.
    VK is such an amazing invention by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji we can diagnose through VK simply without going for any machines.
    Must share your experiences with us and please keep experimenting.
  • I used the method given by @PJ-Certified VK Teacher ... And one more addition I did was requested VK to help me with scanning. The energy flow was amazing for some organs ... Felt very much heat... Thank you @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher for giving guidance... Will try it as well :)
  • Greeting Sharat Sir and VK teachers...
    Scanning with VK seems to be a new technique and also a vast subject and can be used by VK users successfully, to actually know the problem areas in the body or even unbalanced chakras of the body...However, I haven't found any article on the same in the website or a video showing demo of the same..I therefore request if Sharat Sir or any other teachers can write a detailed article or upload video demo on the same for VK users benefit..Many Thanks..

  • @Rian ji,
    Thanks for your valuable inputs.yes it is a vast subject for scanning the body parts with VK. It efficiency depends on the regular practice and understanding of energy by a user.
    one can achieve higher levels in the field of energy and healing which is so vast to explain.
    You will soon see an article regarding "scanning with VK".
    Please keep experiencing and do share your valuable experiences with us.
  • @Chetandurdi
    share your experience of scanning with VK.

  • Thankyou @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher , for considering my request..Looking forward for the same..

  • Greetings @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ,when can we expect an article or video on this subject? Eagerly waiting as it is an innovative way of using VK for diagnosis of issues for self and others.. by those whose connection with VK is very strong.Many Thanks...

  • @Rian

    Writing an article on Scanning may take time. The method is already explained in the above post by PJ, which can be practised by anyone broadly.
    And Puneet has further posted his experience..

    Then @Chetandurdi experimented requesting VK to help and then followed the above guidance

    A person needs to know anatomy or physiology of body or knowledge of basic body structure to do an indepth scan. Like a person should know where the heart is or where the intestine or kidney is.

    If a person has pain in back or legs... a thorough scan would involve knowing the vertebrae positions of the spinal cord like L1 L2... S... C .....

    If there is a radiating ear pain may need the knowledge of different parts of ear canal.

    A person may even scan the Chakras with VK if he or she has knowledge about where the different chakras are positioned in the body.

    A general guidance which is posted by PJ is based on Sharat Sirs guidance.

    For a thorough scan , Sir recommends to know the anatomy of body....just as i posted the examples above. This is when there is something causing the symptoms in one part of the body...but origin is at some other place. A person inclined with VK and with knowledge of body parts will then know where to concentrate the energies.

    You can anytime practise the guidance posted above in all comments and share your experiences.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Hoping to read your experiences.
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