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Divine VK is personalized tool/yantra/hardware with infinite software

I received my Divine VK in December 2016 and i also went thru with lot of confusion on requesting method, to wear it or keep it aside etc etc... But one thing i was sure is "It ain't ordinary steel bangle" since i remember reading that entire cosmos can be put inside a mustard but if we want to know the cosmos then numerous lifetime is also not enough!!! Sharat sir's invention has got us the opportunity to hold the cosmos with us in the form of Steel Kada which has infinite possibilities for all those who come in touch with it!!! I came in touch with Divine VK in December 2016 and till date Divine VK has guided me in every aspect of life which includes Joy, Challenges and Opportunities. In the beginning Divine VK fulfilled all my wishes with just a thought for example: i will be thinking to eat Samosa and my parents would buy it that day and many such things happened which started happening with just a thought. Sharat sir has given us many ways and methods to explore the infinite possibilities, however when we work with Divine VK at a subtle level the manifestation happens at the speed of light!!! Hold VK in the hand and sit silently for minimum of 5 minutes, over the period of time our body-mind starts to align with Divine VK consciously and miracles starts by manifesting our thoughts and intention which again happens for our highest good. Not all our thoughts and intentions manifests, Divine VK has it's own intelligence and fulfills our wishes, desires and intentions for our highest good.


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