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Spiritual inclination with VK

edited March 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

How can one make a person spiritually inclined with VK, where the person is not interested or feel it unimportant to practice it and keeps giving excuses ?


  • See its like you have the power of faith and trust which is the most important part when you establish the relationship with VK. You can't force someone to trust something because you believe in it right?
    I think it is best to leave the person with VK and let the law of cosmic energy play it's role. May be their alignment is supposed to be in a different way and it should be given time to set things.

    Correct me if I am wrong @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ?
  • @Shrinath

    You are perfectly right when you say this. One who wants to grow would want to look out for ways. If he is a lucky one he will get into VK and it’s Divine Energies and role the cosmic energies play. Let’s hope for best and show him what are the outcomes of VK.
  • My wife never believe in such things as Cosmic energy, Switch words and when I received VK she used to riddle me saying how can a steel kada make a difference!!! But that itself gave me motivation to give her real life experiences and till date I have been doing it which even now she feels is coz of God without realizing God is also in a form of Energy...
  • @Madhoo

    To add to the above discussion, i have been using VK differently here.

    When you feel you want a person to associate with VK, do not define the ways how that person will connect, just put an intention to your own VK

    "VK connect this person to his VK or to my healing for him/her"

    I wanted few people to have VK, but they don't believe in it. I put an intention to my VK, that VK should go as a blessing to them.

    And some situations occurred that they got VK . I started teaching them simple request, water charging. But they did not follow it even for a day.

    So next i requested my VK that they should get aligned with their VK very well (As i know VK works on intention of the wearer)

    And you won't believe , now when i ask them to give back VK , they bluntly refuse to part with it. Things are changing for good in their lives.

    Another 2 people, i know they wanted a particular size of VK, but that size was not available, so both had to wear a VK which would not come out without using soap to slide it out.

    Both of them just wear VK, they don't even know Sharat Sir or his website, they just know he attunes VK, cosmic serums and simple request is out of question.

    After few months, when their size VK was available, i told both of them to exchange, requesting Sharat Sir. But both refused to part with their VK not even for exchange of size. They don't use it like we all use, but they are fully aligned with it !!

    Allow people to follow their own ways. Allow VK to work in their lives in its own way !

    When we expect people to use VK the way we want, this itself creates anxiety in us. So rather than improving people's lives, we lower our own frequency .

  • @Madhoo

    Though this is not related directly to your question, i thought of putting this experience here. Maybe you will get some idea or for others who read this.

    I was at one of the relatives place, where i knew the couple was not at peace. Due to my work schedule, i felt charging image of their water bottles would be the easiest for me.

    But how do i tell them this ?

    So when i entered their home, i put an intention to my VK, GOLDEN SUNRISE MAKE WAY FOR THE COUPLE TO GIVE THEIR WATER BOTTLES TO ME.

    In the chit-chat i completely forgot about it. I was speaking to the head of the house, and he had some health issues, so he readily gave me his bottle and asked me to click picture and charge daily.

    I told him, today i am charging it directly since i am here. When his daughterinlaw saw me rotating VK on the bottle, she came to me and asked what was doing. I just told her i know this healing and i am sending energies for her fatherinlaw health.

    She asked me "Can you give me energy for my cold , its very stubborn "

    Can you imagine my happiness when she got her water bottle. I charged with ENT SERUM.

    Her husband saw this and said I challenge you if you can send energy for wealth. I said yes i can.

    Then she got her husbands bottle and said charge this for prosperity.

    The next day she messaged me saying very little effect on cold. I said continue. Then after a week she called me saying its completely gone. So i told her i will send energies daily for your health, is that ok. She said yes.

    I did not send her health energies, neither did i send TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to her husband, but energies only for mental healing for both husband and wife.

    Within few months their relationship improved. They were in too much of fight, almost heading for divorce just before this healing.

    So we need to ask VK differently as the situation comes. Cannot be adamant that we want people to do things in our ways.

    And VK helps us very easily , just with simple intentions !!

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. Wonderful ideas on how to use VK not just for us but for those around us.
  • Woww... that's really a beautiful experience and explanation on how we can deal with it..
    Thanks you all so so much.. :)

  • Dear @DivineSoul, @Madhoo, Just to inform you, Rakhi ji is one of those VK user, who has achieved maximum results in shortest time span. Moreover, her achievements are not common success, they are remarkable and miraculous, where the healed persons had lost all hopes. We feel so proud that she is with us. She has many such experiences to share.

    Likewise, we all may try in any walk of life to benefit others, maybe unknown people and share experience, however little it may be, but if it soothes somebody, it is big for us. Here is one from my side.

    This incident took place some years ago. I was accompanying my wife to a Mall for shopping grocery. I was doing the ideal Male's duty - pushing the grocery cart. After sometime I stood with the cart(trolley) at the lobby of the Mall, while my wife was window shopping for some garments. Watching people from the corner of the lobby, I noticed a small girl of around 4 years, who seemed to be differently able - maybe autistic, being minded by a maid. Her mother was so amused in her shopping that she did not pay any heed to her child who seemingly was irritated of the crowd there and started crying bitterly. Her maid tried her best, but could not calm her down. Agitated by the child shouting, the maid lifted her very rudely, evidently looking embarrassed, as people started looking at her.

    As she started walking towards the main gate, she was unaware, I, very casually followed her. Pushing the trolley with one hand, I placed my left hand on my VK and started sending Calm Down Serum, with intention to soothe the suffering little girl. I followed her till the Main gate and returned to my post, where I found my wife searching for me. We, then picked all the packages leaving the trolley there, and started walking to the exit. The time consumed in the process was just two and a half minutes, when I saw the same maid re-entering the gate, lifting the child. She was fast asleep. I smiled within myself to see the child, who fell deeply asleep in 2 and a half minutes. May God bless her, I prayed and passed by.

    The moral is that VK is all powerful and know what to do and when. So why not spread love and peace everywhere.

  • Wow this is so beautiful experience sir.
    Thankyou for sharing your valuable learnings with all of us.
    Gratitudes sir.

    Yes Sir this is true for rakhi didi is as wonderful VK user as a pure soul who always happy to help every in need.
    Sometime i feel her loving as mother to me, a big sister is she always, all of her pure loving nature and caring soul for everyone.
  • wow... wonderful learning and good inspiration...

    The suggestion given by @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ji above changed my belief system about VK. Even though I am Reiki 3rd degree, use to always in testing mode of these healing modalities. As Rakhiji suggested I requested VK (2 times) to align with my completely. In 2 days I got hint to give nick name to him and thats all.... :3

    I am enjoying being with him and many request I made informally with which I got answers and direction. Put your request to VK in informal way... then see the things changes around the request... you feel like light... :)

    Once again thank you all the VK teachers and Sharat sir for making life easy.

  • Adding to above experiences

    I have two kids in teenage and one in kindergarten. Elder ones wanted to go for a English movie which was of no use being watched by the youngest one. But she cried badly to go along with the elder ones.

    There I requested VK “GOLDEN SUNRISE help my little one to divert her mind to her next favourite thing” . It is not a surprise that within a half second the little one who was howling to go for the movie, asked me for an ice cream. Not only did she ask by she also located the hidden vender behind the auto rickshaw and also understood and said” mom, kids don’t go to watch English movies na”.

    VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE energy did exactly what I intended.
  • So cute...thankyou for sharing your experience.
    I got one more learning hidden in your experience is how VK gives sign and what respond we need to catch the request already manifested by VK.
    Many a time i have seen that users miss to catch the result of VK.
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher @Chetandurdi

    Thank you very much for your appreciating words. i feel overwhelmed with all the words written above.

    Feel to be blessed with VK and Divine mission with Sir.

    Sanjay Sir , innocence with VK gave me lot of results and many at a faster speed.

    And your article use VK with simplicity and ease has been my Mantra everyday with VK.

    Your experience with the little angel at the mall is heart touching.

    Puneet, thank you so much for the love and respect you hold for me , my inspiration is my father , who was always giving to others ....And now its Sharat Sir, who gives out selflessly to many infinitely, unlimited.

    Chetan thanks for sharing your experiences. On a lighter note, how do you know your VK is a HE =) . I appreciate you follow the posts here, put them to practise and get back with the experiences too.
    The purpose of Forum is this....

    @PJ-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful ways with VK. You always inspire to be a compassionate mother using VK and understand children

    Thanks to Sharat Sir and VK in our lives.

  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
    You got my point.
    Innocence with VK is another key point by @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher which allows VK to work. Then whatever role VK has in ones life, be it a ginnie or a friend or a partner or a buddy, innocence of the user helps.
    @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir, your teachings and lessons are what we all look for. Thank you always for your valuable tips.
    @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor list is endless to thank you. Your innocent intentions are what we are blessed with and that is VK.
  • Wow.. Wow.. Wow...
    Amazing invention and amazing teachers..
    Really feel blessed to have you all known.. N thanks to that fortunate day I came across VK and Sharat Sir on litairian..

    Waiting for more magic n experiences n feel pampered with divine blessings of VK..
    Thank you Sharat Sir, VK and all VK teachers.. Its a great support to us out here.. :)
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you sir for sharing your amazing experience. Your Wisdom amazes me all the time :)

    @PJ-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with your children. I truly love the way how you make users think on different ways to use VK.

    @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for pointing out the hidden learning in Sanjay's sirs post and all other guidance you give on this forum.

    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you for showing different ways of using VK and guidance. You are truly amazing.

    Inspired by all of you to uplift myself and those around me. I have made multiple requests to VK for helping those around me and I have always seen my intentions get manifested. Apart from using Cosmic Serums, I have learnt to make direct requests with VK and keep my intentions clear and positive and always see results.

    I am keeping a journal of my experiences with VK and plan to share my experiences and successes soon with everyone.

    @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor Infinite Gratitude's to you sir, I feel blessed that VK chose me and fortunate to know everyone here on this forum. Thank You Thank You Thank You


  • Amazing, great to know your success and efforts. Thank you for your appreciation, its all from the same source. Loved your idea of keeping a journal.

  • Lovely experiences.Rakhi di please add more experiences we can keep learning
  • @Kari

    Will keep sharing ....

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all VK learnings and Litairian Forum :thankyou dear

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