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VK breakthru for Parkinson's Disease

Golden Sunrise All,

I am happy & elated to share this post as I hv got the first break thru & green shoots for Parkinson's disease cure & Miraculous results. Its been hardly 5 wks since I hv my VK. I am grateful & thankful to VK for making this impossible happen as there is no doctor cure for parkinson.

From last 3-4 wks I am trying to cure Parkinson's Disease of my father (82 yrs) suffering since last 10 yrs. He was almost sliding to stage 2 of the disease with severe tremors & throbbing in head, shivering Body/hands/Legs, unable to lift hands/grasp objects, weakness on one side of body, unable to walk properly, lack of strength, frequent memory loss & blanking out. Docs 1.5 mths back had prescribed morphine/steroid injections which he had not yet taken.

Below were my Approach & Healing Plan.It requires good amount of consistent efforts/ faith to heal & cure Parkinson's

1.** First week (WK1): Remove & clear all Negatives at Body/mental levels ( Cleansing process) & give cosmic serums
a. Chakra Balancing, EFT sessions, Lama fera, Accurpressure, Magnified healing
VK pls activate lama fera for balancing chakras and to EFT to remove all negative blockages to my father (or to XYZ ) (NOW) - (say 3 times) --> 3 sessions a week or Alternate days
VK please do Acupressure for xyz to cure Parkinsons Disease ( or to Improve Nervous systems) with Safety & Security. -
- (say 3 times). --> 3 sessions a week
VK Please activate to give XYZ a complete session of magnified healing to Balance XYZ Nervous systems, Heal XYZ Spine,
Release all waste energies from XYZ body, vanish all problems at a deeper Emotional and mental level (x say times) -->
3 sessions per week

b. Direct requests combinations of Vk to give in WK1. ( daily 4 times Morning/noon/evening/night)
        ACS + Brain Serum + Calm Down Serum + Balance Serum + GS
        Pain Care Serum + Brain Serum + Calm Down Serum + Mahamrityunjaya Mantra + GS
        Brain Serum + CDS/ Batch Flower Rescue Remedy + Gym Serum + Hanuman chalisa + Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra
        Brain Serum + CDS + energies of physiotherapy with S&S + energies of sharath sirs Video on Parkisons Disease + GS
  1. Second Week (WK2)
    a. Continue Direct requests of 1.b above
    b. VOB of Brain with BrainSerum+ Immune.S + Balance.S/Batch Flower rescue Remedy + GS + MMM. --> Daily once
    c. Direct request to increase dopamine levels:
    VK Pls RESTORE & REGENERATE the normal function of dopamine-producing brain cells for my fathers Brain to cure
    Parkinson's disease with S&S NOW FOREVER
    d. Pyschic surgery of Brain & cervical - 3 times a week
    e. Do chakra balancing alternate days in WK2 or post any psychic surgery ( Repeat point 1a above twice in WK2)

  2. Third Week ( WK3)
    a. Continue the WK2 Plans
    b. Additionally start psychic surgery of Central Nervous System daily once 3 times in WK3 ( Do this only when u see
    person is getting stabilized in first 2 weeks else wait for body & mind to stabilize)
    VK Pls do pyschic surgery x3 times of XYZ Central Nervous systems with Safety & security
    c. VOB daily as per point 2 a
    d. Additionally did psychic surgery on Root chakra ( as my father had walking issues)

  3. Fourth Week (WK4)
    a. Continue on the WK3 Plans till things Improves
    b. Continue chakra balancing alignments
    c. Continue VOB
    d. Reduce or stop psychic surgeries
    e. Continue Cosmic serums & dopamine production for healthy Brain

    With the above plan, my fathers tremors, shakes, pains has now fully stopped & mobility has increased by 90%. Theres no loss of memory or blanking out. He is able to walk, hold & lift things, climb steps. He could even lift his leg on his own & sit on my 2 wheeler which was a distant dream.

    Golden Sunrise Thanks & gratitudes to Sharath sir & Divine VK for the wonderful invention & feat.
    Golden Sunrise Thanks & gratitudes to Divine cosmic energies, Supreme God, All the teachers & Litarians.
    Many Thanks


  • Wonderful doing @srinidhibg. Golden Sunrise to your endless efforts and passion to heal others.

  • Thank you very much @SharatSir for blessing us. Gratitudes..

  • @srinidhibg
    Indeed lot of efforts , not only in healing but also to pen down so much for everyone to learn.
    Thanks for sharing
  • I will also follow the above combination,Thank you for sharing,it will help me a lot
  • Golden Sunrise Good luck to you @Tulsi . I am sure the orginal plan posted will definitely work. Huge patience & consistency is reqd to heal it..

    To Update: As of today, my fathers parkinson is fully reduced by Divine Grace. Now a days I just give healing as part of maintainence just 2 times a day with below requests combinations by VK:
    Vk Pls give Brain Serum,
    enhanced energies of Sapien Medicine video on Parkinson's disease Help
    Gym serum or energies of physiotherapies
    REGENERATE Central Nervous systems
    All Vitamins, Protiens, Nutrients & Minerals reqd as per body needs
    Hanuman chalisa, Golden Sunrise

    PS Note:
    1. I started using Sapien medicine video energies since last month only after things fully stabilized (as per original post) as it produces Dopamine. I was overproducing Dopamine by Direct Regenerate request. My dad used to act weird & over hyper some times after the first 2 mths of healing... We can take calls appropriatley based on our observation, monitoring & changes happening
    2. People with Parkinsons do not get proper sleep. So, I used to Keep few table spoons of rock salt or Sea salt wrapped in a cloth or Hand kerchief ( make a small potli) under the pillow. It has to be disposed off next day and fresh salt has to be kept next day.. Also I used sharath sirs videos on Sleep Disorders Natural & Instant relief, video on ADHD and Video on Fear Anxiety & Phobias many times. This is resolving his sleep disorders & Anxiety issues to large extent.

    Thanks to sharath sir for the wonderful invention of VK, truly a Divine Life saver for us. Thanks to all the Litarians & Litarian teachers...Gratitudes..May the light of Divine keep shining on all of you.. Golden Sunrise..

  • Thank you so much for your guidence which iam sure will help me,the person is my sister in law,s husband stays in Bhopal last week i went to meet them there after talking to his son i came to know that he is ill due to PARKINSON .Earlier we were told he is not well. but after seeing him personally i made up mind that i will heal on him and after reaching back to hyderabad .

  • @srinidhibg
    Thanks for your detailed explanation,I have followed your first week plan, Today I have started 2nd week, As my sister in law and her husband both are senior citizen age 70 & 67 they are in Bhopal and son is in Noida, Every weekend he visits his parents, I will get update from him regarding 1st week healing on Saturday, Hope to get positive update from him, I did my job With Honesty and have full faith in VK And the Serums
  • Golden Sunrise @Tulsi for your efforts....Wishing your sister-in-laws husband a speedy recovery....GODSPEED...

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