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    I Apologize for long post.

    Another success Story with My choto Vk. Last week my cousin sister has come from U S.This Monday We invited her to our place for Lunch on Friday which was Yesterday.But yesterday Morning she called me and said due to health problem she will not be able to come for the Lunch.I asked what health issue you are having she replied since two days she is suffering with severe cold, cough and congection in the chest.I told her Didi please fill a bottle with water and send picture to me. After getting the picture i charged the bottle with energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE X3, ENT SERUM X3, ALL CLEAR SERUM X3, AND ORANGE COLOUR X3 ( with safety and security) i charged her bottle 2 times yesterday, Today morning she called me back and informed that she slept Nicely and feeling 50% Better, I told her continue today also, And i charged her water in the Morning and Afternoon. Just few Minutes back she called and gave thanks to me by saying she is feeling perfect now.

    I could help her get well, All because of Sharat ji, Rakhi ji, and My chotu Vk.

    Thank you Sharat ji, Rakhi ji.
    January 25
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    December 2019