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Performance in exam not matching preparation

Hello and Golden sunrise,
My son is in class 10 and has his board exams coming up. All through his class 10 exams till now ,he has been working hard but somehow not able to write his exams properly and get good marks. His performance has been dropping at an alarming rate. Though is very intelligent ,he is not able to translate that onto his examination paper and score well. I have tried giving him GS, SS,BS along with bach flower remedies chestnut,hornbeam and clematis in his drinking water but it hasn't helped. Pls help and suggest what I can do.his prefinals are next month


  • In continuation to my above points...I want to add one more son is panicking while writing answers and not able to recollect what he had studied bcos of this anxiety
  • @Pallavi

    Send BEAUTY SERUM to his problem solving skills
    Check VK Tip 130

    Also give him lots of BRAVO SERUM and ALPHA MALE SERUM

    SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to his educational career

    As parents please counsel him that exam result is not his ultimate destiny.
    It is his intelligence talent and determination that will lead him to success.

    As parents you also take CALM DOWN SERUM if your worried or overthinking.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE to his question paper and answer sheets.
  • Thanks a lot for the prompt response ma'am. So,I should be doing the following
    1. Send Beauty Serum to his problem solving skills,as an intention....that us say BS to his problem solving skills×3 times and set aside VK for 30 mins.

    2. Charge his establishment and drinking water with BRAVO serum and AMSerum by saying the serum names and rotating Vk over them 15 to 20 times

    3. Send SO7R to educational career as intention same as beauty serum.
    One more doubt ma'am...maybe silly...still I'm asking.....suppose we charge his books and stationery with charging one time sufficient or should I keep charging often...same with question paper and answer sheets?
  • @Pallavi

    Charging books are per need.
    Answer sheets once or while he is writing as per need.

    For other procedures please refer Basics of VK posts. All pricedures are already explained in detail. You can also watch videos on litairian website for VK procedures

    Water charging methods and direct requests are same.only the energy names keep changing.
  • Ok ma'am thank you so much for your support.
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