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VK Tip 130 : Feeling stuck with problems? Use VK and Beauty Serum this way

Golden Sunrise Friends

Exploring VK in different ways. This is my experience, posting as a VK Tip.

We all face problems but we are always scared of problems or we do not want to hear the word PROBLEM.

There was a youngster who was finding it difficult to solve problems in maths and accountancy. He failed in a competitive exam. He admitted that he could not understand the concept so he failed. An idea clicked and I started exploring VK with BEAUTY SERUM but in a different way.

My request to VK was Dear VK please send BEAUTY SERUM to his problem solving skills (accountancy/maths)

He told me he needs a good coach. So I arranged for one. but he refused to travel to the coach. I still continued with the request, Dear VK please send BEAUTY SERUM to his problem solving skills (accountancy/maths)
My intention was again that he should understand the concept and be able to solve.

An expert in family approached his parents for coaching. He agreed to go but still didn't go. (OMG). I again kept request VK same request, Dear VK please send BEAUTY SERUM to his problem solving skills.

Finally he told me he practised the subject on his own and with some help from his friend. He appeared for the exams. I was requesting the same Dear VK please send BEAUTY SERUM to his problem solving skills.

He cleared the exam with confidence and good score.

So next I explored this for myself. I was getting stuck on some project that I was handling. I couldn't understand it and I felt it was to complex for me to understand it, how to crack it? I requested VK please give BEAUTY SERUM to my problem solving skills.
Voila after two days, the same project I could understand it so well. All the complex issues in the project became very simple to understand and take it further.

So I started using this frequently wherever I saw ppl stuck with their problems and I could see them coming out of it.

I have done this experiment with VK several times in last few months, and every time it flies.

<3 Just keep in intention which problem is to be solved and request, Dear VK please send BEAUTY SERUM to XYZ's (energy receiver) problem solving skills. Remember VK is an intentional tool.

<3 You can even charge drinking water with request "BEAUTY SERUM for problem solving skills" (intend for solving a particular problem)

<3 So my belief that VK works beyond LOA, here it did work again. Generally in LOA we would not think of the the word PROBLEM even in a healing affirmation. But VK with BEAUTY SERUM does work to solve the problems, even if its a part of healing request.

Do explore this way of using VK and BEAUTY SERUM for your daily life problems and share your experiences too.
Gratitude to Sharat Sir for gift of VK solving our problems with solutions


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