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My Brother stranded in lock down Reached Home safely with VK PROTECTION & BLESSINGS

edited May 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES


This is my first posting in VK Forum. I am a VK user since July 2019. I got my second VK in March 2020. At present I am studying all the articles, TIPS, as guided in the mail, received along with VK.

My brother resides in East Godavari District in A.P. gone to Pondicherry in March on some business work. He stayed in a hotel. After completing his work, he is about to return. Meanwhile, Government clamped lockdown, all train and bus services are canceled.

He is 850 KM away from his home. I stay in Hyderabad. His wife informed me that he is stranded in Pondicherry. I spoke to him over the phone and enquired. He is very much upset and tensed. We enquired about all the means and found no way. He has to wait there till lockdown is lifted. He has undergone heart bypass surgery two years ago. He has to take timely medicines. We are all very much worried about his health.

Under severe tension, on March 25th the first time I strongly requested VK to make way for his safe return to home. I heard a clear message that he will return safely on May 7th or 8th. I also heard not to worry about his health.

First I worried as we have to wait for 40 days. But I stopped worrying because of my faith in VK and also VK assured me about his health also. (I am a strong believer in VK as my daughter Gayathri using two VKs since 2017. SHE ALWAYS TELLS ME VK IS MY GOD AND EVERYTHING). After that also I heard those dates several times. I continued my requests daily to VK with GOLDEN SUNRISE, SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS, PERFECT HEALTH SERUM.

I also requested Archangel Michael daily to protect him. I saw Archangel Michael is always with my brother. I felt the presence of Archangel Michael also (as explained by Sharat Sir in his Article). In April my brother made several attempts to come back with all influential people, but all failed. Finally, after a medical examination by govt, he got permission on May 7th.

He hired one local Taxi from Pondicherry started on May 8th early morning and reached Homely safely in the night around 10 PM. Dates told by VK exactly matched. This is my Wonderful Manifestation Experience with VK. I found no words to express my GRATITUDE to My DIVINE VK, its inventor SHARAT SIR and VK Teachers.


  • @DSRao ji


    Wonderful heart touching experience. Thank you for sharing that too in detail.
    Clear messages with VK on his returning dates and your faith on VK is amazing.

    The timing on your post shows 2.22, another angel message. Thank you.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your faith and patience. Gratitude to VK and Sharat Sir.

  • Wonderful VK experience Daddy!!!
    VK does wonders!!!
    GOLDEN SUNRISE Gratitude to VK, Sharat sir and our VK family!!!
  • Wonderful experience Sir
    yes VK always bless its user with its divine charishma and protect in every situation.
    Golden Sunrise to your faith and patience.
    Thankyou for Sharing.
    In my above posting second para not appearing fully. it is appearing in a single line with yellow colour. It may be looked into and may be corrected.
    Thanking you very much.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    I am delighted to see your comments on timing of my posting 2.22, that too my first posting in our Forum.
    Thank you very much.

  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ,
    As you said VK is protecting me in every Situation and all negative people. Thanks for your Comments.

  • @DSRao , a very interesting experience of VK guidance. Only a few VK users have the ability to hear VK's voice. I wish many more VK users will try to listen to VK. Stay Blessed and Golden always.

  • @DSRao ji

    The yellow line in post was an error. This is corrected. Now full paragraph is appearing as you posted originally.

    Your post timing 222 angel number msg everything is well and working with Divine blessings. Let go and have faith.

    Thank you again.
  • @SharatSir ,
    It's all happening under your DIVINE GUIDANCE and GRACE Sir. I strongly believe it is 100% your DIVINE GRACE Sir. All VK users are protected always by YOUR DIVINE SELF and DIVINE VK.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE Gratitude Sir

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ,
    Thank you very much for correcting error in my posting. I am motivated by your explanation of Angel Number 222.
    Thanking you once again.

  • What a wonderful and interesting VK Experience.. Felt nice to know that both dad and daughter are experiencing VK magic and sharing beautiful success stories with us. Thank you
    Golden Sunrise to all
  • Wow, wonderful experience
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Thanks to @Nwanjale
    GOLDEN SUNRISE Thanks to @Rajeshwari_Sethi

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