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VK Helped with Releasing Negative Energy in liver and spine L4 L5 vertebra

Golden Sunrise to All

The other day I was having liver pain and I used Digee Serum, GS and Pain Care Serum to heal it.
That helped me a lot but the pain came back the next day. So I asked "VK Please Heal my Liver", and it relieved my pain too. This particular sentence has helped me a lot previously for other areas of pain too.
But this time the pain kept coming back again and again. So I tried another tip which I used in the past.
As everything in this world is made of energy, I asked " VK Please release all kinds of negative energy from my Liver". This helped me instantly. For some reason this statement really resonates with me.
In the past I had severe pain in my spine and I was diagnosed with degenerative problems in my L4 and L5 vertebra. I was having problems while sitting down and bending down. At this time I continuously asked "VK Please release all kinds of negative energy accumulated in my Spine". My pain went away drastically and I was able to sit, bend and do all household chores easily. This was a big deal for me.
Thank you Sharat Sir for creating Divine VK. It is such a Lovely, powerful tool. Love you VK. Thanks to all the amazing teachers for helping us in this amazing forum. Love all of you in our wonderful Litairian Family.

Golden Sunrise


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