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Eliminate negative thoughts,energy of 10 to the power negative 17 mimicking with VK

edited February 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise
Many a times in life we come across negative thoughts in our mind and that upsets us so much that we lose our mental peace. In order to come out of it from the root cause of it we can take the energy of 10 to the power negative 17. So we request Vk to enhance the energy of 10 to the power negative 17 & the result is ultimate and awesome. Not only it eliminates the negative thoughts but it gives a clear way ahead to tackle the situation.
Gratitude to Vk and to Sharat sir.


  • Wow nice VK works wonder with its mimicking power. Kindly please explain some use of this energy.
  • @Ritu u know more situation where this energy of 10 to the power negative 17 is useful.

  • @ritu please explain more about this.
  • Golden sunrise team
    I had long back just read on fb about this post on 10raised to power negative 17 and my sister also had told me to use it to eliminate the negative effect related to any situation so I just tried it. Although I do not know the depth of it but whenever any such remedies I get to see, I try to work on them with a complete faith in it.
    So you may also have faith and with vk’s miming power we may not also know the theory behind it. VK dies everything for us. All gratitude to our Sharat sir.
    Golden sunrise
  • Excellent @Ritu

    can you exactly write the situation where in you have used it?

    Also, sentence you used it to request the energy.
  • @Manmit
    Golden sunrise
    It was during DC & the convocation of my daughter’s graduation when she fractured her foot and it was a very crucial phase of her life.
    I just recalled the time & place where she fractured and gave the energy of 10 raised to the power negative 17 and All clear serum to clear away all the blockages and heal her fracture now forever. All these with MMJM and SO7R
  • @Ritu ji
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Nice experience. Thanks for sharing.
  • Wow Amazing your ways of using VK are wonderful thankyou for sharing your experience.
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