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  • VK wonders
    1. I have been using a body cream charged with BS,AWS,FS,FDS, GS since a last few months & have got amazing results on my body. There is a wonderful tone up in my body. I am getting the desired shape of my body as always wished for.Also I am using rose water charged with the above energies on my face & amazingly I have got such beautiful results on my skin that I have not done my facial from last 4/5 months Which generally I used to do monthly.
    All thanks to DIVINE VK & Sharat Sir ????.
    2. Fem serum wonders: I have been taking fem serum too constantly from past few months & so very satisfied with its miracles. Earlier I used to have pain in my legs & terrific mood swings due to pre menopausal phase but with taking FS, not only l am relieved of pain but even overcome with the mood swings. What I have always heard from other women’s experience that there are hot flushes of heat coming out of body during this phase but with the grace of vk with me, no such trouble ever experienced. Thank you vk????.
    3. VS experience:
    I have got my VS in my house since May2018. I feel the results are so very clear to see all peace & positivity in the house. Initially I felt I was not getting any results but within 45 days it so happened that my husband got multiple health issues & it was a very tense situation at home. Somehow I was terrified that why is it that a man who in so many years of his life had never got any health issues, has been under such heavy medication. But somehow I started getting a vibe that it’s all for good that he has been diagnosed with these issues NOW instead of getting complicated further. And after that I started giving my husband the required energies in water. Today he is far better & improved in his health. All thanks to DIVINE VK & VS & Sharat Sir.
    At times I get this feeling that vk &vs are a great boon & blessing to our life& what would happen without these!!!!!
    Sharat Sir apko kitna bhi shukriya Dhanyawad de kum hi hai. Kuch hai to woh sirf apka unconditional love & service to this entire universe.
    August 2018