Help for lesion in the hypothalamus

Golden Sunrise.

Need help for a person who has a lesion in the hypothalamus. Few days back there was fever but all test reports were negative. DFev Serum helped control the fever. Doctors unable to point out reason for fever as all reports were normal.

MRI done a few weeks back showed lesion in the hypothalamus. Doctors ruled out any surgery because of age (almost 80 years) but did not prescribe any medicine as well.

Current situation is that mood is very low. Sleeping almost through the day and eating very less. Eyes closed almost all the time. Most of the times the eating is also lying down and eyes closed. Severe pain in the head.

There was neck pain and back pain.

I was initially charging water with Golden Sunrise, Perfect Health Serum, Mood Up Serum, Pain Care Serum and energy of Laughter show. But, looks like I should add Brain Serum.

Any suggestions?


  • Yes, I had read this tip. Had initially started with energy of Maha Mritunjaya mantra but as the person seemed depressed I added Mood Up Serum and energy of Laughter show. Can I know if Brain Serum will help with the lesion? Golden Sunrise.

  • @haresh

    As VK Tip says one can add relevant Cosmic Serum for particular organ can be used. Yes you can use BRAIN SERUM for brain related symptoms including lesion in hypothalamus.

    You can also do VOB for brain.

    Best is to use MAHA MRUTYUNJAY MANTRA as much as possible.

  • Golden Sunrise. The neurologist says that it is a 2 by 2 tumor but it is not malignant and has given medicines for 10 days. If no change then he has suggested surgery to remove the tumor. As it is in the forehead area, he has suggested surgery through the nose.
    I have charged the water and will start VOB as well.

  • @haresh

    For tumour add CARE SERUM. Check the full article on litairian website.

    You can start with Psychic Surgery for tumour with VK

    Please check this full article with video
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