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VK TIP 110 : Critical or emergency health care


For illness which is severe or since long time you can add these energies along with relevant Cosmic Serums related to particular organs.

:smile: Add GOLDEN SUNRISE in all healings to enhance its healing.

:smile: Add energy of MAHA MRITUNJAYA MANTRA , its best mantra for any health issues guiding the soul.
You can send energy just with title . Dont have to recite the entire mantra.

:smile: You can send energy of SAIBABA UDI (Sacred Ash from SAIBABA's Dhuni) or any DIVINE BEING or ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL too just by name.

:smile: Must do self meditation for self or on behalf of person who requires healing as per instructions in this link

:smile: Can do VOB of critical organs in an easy ways. VOB can be done with chanting of Cosmic Serums also

:smile: if a person is falling ill repeated due to trapped Negative emotions, request VK for EFT TO ALL NEGATIVE AND UNWANTED EMOTIONS for a healthy mind and body.

:smile: If there is mental trauma due to some past or recent shock , can add BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY to healing

:smile: Do all healings with patience and surrender the results to DIVINE.

:smile: For very critical illnesses, Always keep the intention with VK to do whatever is best for the energy receiver in his/her soul's journey. DO NOT ATTACH WITH RESULTS AS YOU any healing. Here you can just send energy of MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA every 10 to 15 mins.

:smile: If a person is undergoing surgery , you can also send GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM to operating skills of medical team.

Please check the hyperlinks in this post for more information. For all procedural questions, please read BASICS OF VIBBES KADA post numbered serially in this link.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for the gift of VK in our lives.

Do share your VK experiences on Litairian Forum to inspire all of us.

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts


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