Help for BiPolar mood disorder / NPH / Parkinson

Golden Sunrise.
I wanted help for a family member who has following problems:
- BiPolar mood disorder since 40 years
- Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) since a few years. Has a shunt in the brain area to drain the excessive fluid and relieve the pressure on the brain. The shunt has been replaced a couple of times.
- Parkinson also since a few years
- Is able to walk little bit in the day but otherwise on a wheel chair
- Since a month or so not able to chew the food and eat. His food has to be ground ( made semi liquid) and then fed to him.

I have been charging water for him with Golden Sunrise, Perfect Health Serum, Brain Serum and Mahamrityunjay mantra. Wanted to ask if there are any other suggestions which might help him.

A few days back he had high fever (102 degrees) and not able to eat much. I was charging the water with Golden Sunrise, Perfect Health Serum, DFev Serum and Mahamrityunjay mantra. The fever which did not go below 102 for 3-4 days came down within 2 days of taking the charged water. The cause of the fever is still not known as all tests reported negative though the platelet count was low.

Golden Sunrise.


  • @haresh

    The healing that you started is good. Thanks for sharing your experience also.
    You can add BACH FLOWER REMEDY RESCUE to this healing of brain or in any healing for him.

    You can charge his food too.

    You can also do VOB of his brain in an easy way with GOLDEN SUNRISE and MAHA MRUTYUNJAY MANTRA.

    You can increase the platelet count with KIWI FRUIT energy.

    Follow VK Tip 110 for more information

    Just keep the intention to VK to do whatever is best for his life.

  • thank you Rakhi ji. I guess you mean BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY.

  • @haresh


  • So, I am thinking of the following:
    - Adding energy of BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY when charging water
    - Sending energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE and MAHA MRUTYUNJAYA MANTRA via healing (I am going to write on the paper 'XYZ's BRAIN' and chant)

    Is it possible to send energy of physiotherapy for him as well ?

  • @haresh

    VK can mimic physiotherapy session. Do with intention safety and security.

    Or you can send GYM SERUM which has energy of exercises. Pl read about GYM SERUM on litairian website
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