Severe GERD and chronic sinusitis lead to fear and anxiety

Golden Sunrise
I have purchased my VK and it is Chennai amd i will be getting VK on the 4th of May.
I would like to share my problem.
For the past 6months i have been suffering from very bad acid reflux...i hv been admitted twice for scope and the doctor said that i have hiatal hernia and my lower esophagus valve is a result whenever i have gas flash my stomach is chest will be tight....and i feel dizzy and have terrible headache....after taking nexium for 6 weeks my problem still hasnt ears are blocked whole body feels weak
My legs will have tingling sensation
All these had induced fear in me that something is gonna happen to me and i always have a feeling like i am going to faint.
Madam Selvarani has been helping me out by charging water for me since i have not got my VK yet.Yet the problem still persist. On top of that the doctor did a ct scan and said that i havr chronic sinusitis as well...i have a deviated septum on the left side and also nasal polyps. Every single day i am going through anxieties and i just break down. Doctor asked me to go for surgery for both sinus and the lower esophagus.


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