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VK TIP 26 – Must Read MENTAL HEALING GUIDANCE BY SHARAT SIR for depressed or aggressive persons

People often do mistakes while healing mental cases...before going for a healing you should diagnose correctly...
There are 3 types of mental states

-5-4-3-2-1 0 +1+2+3+4+5

In above mathematical equation a person who is happy, and can handle any situation with ease is a person of zero state...for these kinds of persons no need for any healing...

In minus state (left side of above equation) person always or often feel depressed, sad, demotivated, helpless, hopeless, sleepy, unaware, and has other similar feelings....

for this give him/her MOOD UP SERUM for 3 to 6 months for complete changes....healing time is depends upon how far a person reached from zero....

In plus state (right side of above equation) a person always and often feel and extra power, anger, jealous, revenge full, careless, dominating, rude, do verbal or physical abuse, restless, Impatience, or other similar feelings....

For this give him/her CALM DOWN SERUM for 3 to 6 months for complete changes... time depends upon how far a person reached from zero

Thanks and please remember this for the future healings.

Q : Can we give mood up serum and calm down serum together to one person who is depressed yet very angry all the time?

A : Both serums can't be given together.
Decide based on person’s basic nature.

This guidance and tip is from Sharat Sir.

Please read his article how to choose between MOOD UP SERUM and CALM DOWN SERUM.

:thankyou Sharat Sir for this beautiful guidance to help people to balance their state of mind to happiness.


  • You may have another question

    I person is depressive most of the times, but gets violent some times then what to do ?

    At such times, when the person gets violent, pl give CALM DOWN SERUM every 5-10 min by direct request to your VK till the person calms down.

    Later you can continue healing with MOOD UP SERUM and other relevant energies.

    The person may get violent because of deep depressive thoughts, this would be temporary burst, so tackle the person with changing the healing from MOOD UP SERUM to CALM DOWN SERUM for those times only.

  • To tackle the person I am Adding to @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher use both the Serums without the intention of Now forever. Because we have to Balance the person too. And both the serums will keep swinging the person’s mood. So use Balance Serum too along with each of the Serums, both with Mood Up Serum and Calm Down Serum
  • Plz suggest due to lack of work if someone get dipress can we give Total wealth serum, alpha male serum and calm down serum together . Thanks
  • @Rajni


    please check the link ....article by Sharat Sir.

    For depression its MOOD UP SERUM
    For aggression its CALM DOWN SERUM

    Choose what is suitable. Only one would be applicable either CDS or MUS
  • Thank you, this is helpful information - how do you know what level someone is at?

  • @Julesmm

    If you focus on level....that means you are focussing on the problem

    You will see the change in emotions as the healinv is continued. Always focus on solutions...healing gets faster.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE. A person is having severe amxiety, panic attack, stress, BP. palpitaiion, physical weakness, irritation, occasional depression too.
    Is this the correct combination-1. (GSPHSBFR ROCK ROSECDSBALANCE SERUM)3.
    2. (GS
    3. If have to fit in MUS for depression where do i do so?
    Please guide
    Thanks and Regards

  • @VeennaVNegglur

    What is guided in main post about CDS and MUS by Sharat Sir? Can both be used for same person ? I think you missed to read the hyperlinked articles
  • I have read the hyperlinks Rakhiji. But what if a person has got both the problems....
  • @VeennaVNegglur

    Check which behaviour needs more attention. Give a score and decide
  • @VeennaVNegglur

    Sharat Sir has guided to use BRAVO SERUM instead of MUS and CDS in the above case.

    And choose Bach flower remedy from this list. As you know the person and his personality, you are the best person to choose the BFR. You can check the hyperlinked articles of BFR in this link and decide suitable BFR

  • Ok Rakhiji, will do so as suggested by you and Sir
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