VK helped to get lost valuables back

GOLDEN SUNRISE all.One of my friends was in trouble as she had lost her valuables.It was stolen by someone.I told her to create energy circle to get back lost items and activated it through vk.I also requested her to broadcast the ec from her end.I requested VK multiple times to make way for her to get her valuables back.i did it for two days.Then stopped after two days.But i was sure that she will get back her things.Maybe it was vk signalling me that things are safe and she will get back.Meanwhile i told her to continue chanting switchwords.After a week she got it back.As soon as we came to know the whereabouts of the theif i started sending SO7R to the valuables and person who went to bring it back.I am always tension free when VK is there.Thank u Sharat sir for Vk.Gratitudes


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