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VK TIP 32 : How to REACH the lost things or persons

When something is LOST or someone cannot be found, can VK help ???

YES it's possible with VK.

Just request to VK
VK GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH (object/ person's name) NOW WITH EASE.
Say this 3 times in one go.

Do this frequently till you get the results.

GOLDEN SUNRISE makes a way and REACH is a strong switch word to find something lost including a lost person or any living being. NOW speeds up the healing . EASE makes it easier for the lost thing/ person to reach back to you.

Don’t worry on how you will you get if back, Divine energies in VK will make way in a surprising way, if you deserve it back.

Keep requesting frequently as per the situation.

Addition Tip : Send SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to the thing/person for protection.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips to inspire all of us.

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.

Thank you Sharat Sir for beautiful gift of VK to all of us !!


  • :thankyou @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for another beautiful VK Tip.

  • My mother lost her gold chain 3years back in her sister house. Is it possible to do above serums right now. Pls help me.
  • Try it, you may get the lost one Or equivalent/ more amount of energy.

  • Golden sunrise Thanks to V K for bringing back my wife's mobile. She recived yesterday. Two healing were given as guided. Gratitude. Thanks for guidance also.
  • Guru101
    WOW ! That's great !
    Very happy to read that you got your lost phone back..
    With faith and patience VK helps us in a wonderful way.
    Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring.

    Thank you Sharat sir for Divine VK
    Thank you VK teachers
    Thank you VK forum
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