For cure ear problems

Please help me to cure my left inner ear
I hav tinitus and dizziness
I want to cure it please help


  • Sir its not working
    I follow this from last 6 months regular
  • @Shivu95952

    If the energy need is high, you need to do with patience dear.

    Also did get success with your health anxiety, follow that healing too.

  • There are structural and functional similarities between tissues in the inner ear and in the kidney. I was suffering from severe tinitus for past couple of ears.....doctors cud not find any issue.....they gave me few anti allergens but it didnt work.....but I kept healing with VK using ENT serum and ACS but didnt help a lot. But at the same time I kept asking VK to show me solution. One fine day came across a video explaining this connection. I started giving myself Key Pen serum and ACS. It is much better now though not completed cured but I still continue.....hoping it will soon be cured.
  • @Kavita0101 ji
    Thankyou for sharing your VK experience.
    Yes you are right VK gives solutions and shows the way to its user.

    However there are many reasons for tinnitus disease and it mostly affected due to brain illness like anxiety, depression, over thinking, lack of sleep, emotional imbalance, hurts, feeling of unworthy, loneliness.
    In some cases use of Music in high volume,
    earphone use and physically muscle damage also cause tinnitus and hearing issues.
    One can use healing with VK accordingly.
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