Methods for vertigo cure and Tinnitus

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Hello sharat sir
From 1 week
I take ent serum balance serum and all clear serum for tinnitus and vertigo
There is little relief in tinnitus
But not any relief in vertigo
I also watch cosmic codes video for tinnitus and meniere's cure ,
I also request vk to do psychic surgery to inner ear ,
And also rub vk on my ear with chanting all clear serum
But there is no any relief in vertigo
Please suggest me some tips for cure vertigo soon????


  • @Shivu95952

    Please increass the frequency of healing
    Take charged water every 15 min one sip or more.

    Since how long you have been having this tinnutis

    ALL CLEAR SERUM and BALANCE SERUM along with ENT SERUM will help in both tinitus and vertigo. You can add BRAIN SERUM in this combination

    If doctor has prescribed any Ear can charge that also

    Also identify .....are you overthinking....this may increase vertigo. Pl take CALM DOWN SERUM.

    You can relax more and continue the healing with patience....
  • @Shivu95952

    Lack of sleep , exposure to mobile phone and computer screens or going out in sun, less water intake ....may increase Vertigo,

    Please take care of these factors also

    You can lie down on the bed , close your eyes...keep VK on your head and your hand on VK...You can chant BLANCE SERUM for few minutes. This will also help to reduce Vertigo.
  • Ok mam thanx
  • My vertigo is only when i stand and walking
    When m sitting or lie there is no vertigo
    I feel floating sensation like boat on a water
    Dont understand what is the root cause
  • @Shivu95952

    Continue with the healing.....including the one suggested to lie down and chant

  • Ok mam u also please send me healing for vertigo n tinnitus ????
  • @Shivu95952

    Healing sent to you for your recovery and wellbeing

  • Can u please send me healing for vertigo
    As I have to travel long distance
  • I have vertigo and I can lie down only on my right side. I can t change position. I m new to VK but I read all the post. Could you send me healing for my vertigo.

  • @Mother21

    Just hold VK in your hands and request VK please heal me to get healthy now forever. Keep requesting as much as you can.

    Healing sent to you for your wellbeing
  • Thank you. Will do accordingly.

  • I discovered that you really have to watch the serums you are using so that it doesn’t exacerbate your issue. I was using all clear serum for wax in my ears and all of a sudden I had reflux really bad. I have stopped the all clear serum. Now a day later I have terrible vertigo. So it also calls for balance and I’ll clear serum. So I’m really at a loss of what to do now. Thank you Shirat Sir
  • @Pollyanna

    Cosmic Serums are always safe. Please dont hold that thought that it will aggrevate. All Clear Serum is best for ear wax removal.
    One can just rub VK with All clear serum chanting around the ears with intention for clear hearing.

    Do not correlate every symptom to VK healing.
    If a person has health complications and on medications. There would be changes due to medicines and side effects too.

    Like earlier you must be on medications post surgery . And you were also taking marijhana for quite some time. The medications would have side effects for longer time depending upon your body sensitivity and amount of medicines you took.

    Vertigo may be due to digestive issues too.
    Start DIGÈE SERUM BRAIN SERUM BALANCE SERUM PERFECT HEALTH SERUM combination. Drink charged water even before 1st meal. Take few sips every 10 min before u actually have breakfast.

    Avoid cafeine or tea coffee completely.

    Additionally request VK to send BALANCE SERUM to body wherever it is required.
  • Thank you dear one. I do understand about complications from all medicines as you know I don’t do well with many of them. I am going to go ahead and do the process that you gave me up above and see how that works. I also have extreme vertigo since I got up this morning and I’m barely able to walk as I start to fall over. And since that started this whole thing with my surgery “ the falling syndrome” I don’t want to have that happening again. Thank you
  • @Pollyanna

    Yes dear i understand. Before you get up you can keep VK on your head and send BALANCE SERUM for few minutes. Please drink enough water and keep body well hydrated

    Sending you energy for your fitness now forever. Take care

  • Golden Sunrise to all.
    Wow experience of Mimicking of Batch Flower Remedies for Virtigo.
    This is self experiance, as I was affected for 4 years.
    I took Sclerenthus,Clematis,Cherry plum potency 200 , four drops 4 times a day for two months and
    mimik 1M energy of said BFR remedy for 15 days in single time everyday.
    Golden Sunrise to all
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