How to know the basic effect of various modalities about which I do nat have basic knowledge

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Golden Sunrise to all Divine Souls,
I wish to know how to use mimicking of any healing modality,because for different types,about which I do not know ABC like I do not know Karuna Reiki,or Sanjivani or angels,or Lama Fera,how can I get best,yes best result by mimicking,without knowing it's proper uses.i do not feel satisfied to be used as blank.
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  • @Shirish ji


    VK has a special feature to mimick other healing modalities. Here the requirement is one should know what is the purpose or application of that healing modality.

    If one does not know application of healing modalities, IT IS OK NOT to use them. Instead you can just use Cosmic Serums and get results.

    Another way to look at healing is...we should look at the problems and search for their solutions....ONE SHOULD NOT LOOK AT HEALING MODALITIES and then think what would be the use.

    Sharat Sir guides us that the best way to use VK is to find solutions for existing problems with knowledge already shared in litairian website. there is lot of information on Litairian forum and Litairian website to explore with VK.

    Explore VK in ways you already know, @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir says when you have VK, you actually don't need to know about other healing modalities. You can even request to VK in your own words to heal a situation and allow VK to use its wisdom.


    I know a person who kept finding about many healing modalities and attracted problems in life which correlated to these healing modalities.

    Learning and gaining knowledge is a great quest but one can explore more with the knowledge available.

    I know many VK users who stopped using Reiki Crystals and other modalities, after knowing the power of Cosmic Serums.

    Please check this BASIC POST NO 20 to know how mimicking can be explored with VK, what are the facts and ways

  • @Shirish ji

    In this link you can check information on Archangels, beautiful knowledge shared by @SharatSir

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