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VK TIP 112 :RE-Kindle Hope, Attract Wealth, if lost hopes, instill new faith for wealth creation


If you know people who have completely lost hopes in life due to repeated failures help them with VK.

Some people give up on life due to past failures . These are the people who tried several times to fulfil their financial goals but faced a setback . And now they refuse to even try again.

BACH FLOWER REMEDY GORSE helps such people with a new hope. It works on their negative emotions to get them back in action with new faith.

TOTAL WEALTH SERUM removes obstacles and attracts new opportunities to create wealth. It works on multiple level of an individual creating resources to earn more.

VK can mimic Bach flower remedies with a simple request.

When this wonder combination of BACH FLOWER REMEDY GORSE and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM is taken with VK, it would take such individual towards a new ray of hope. They will start getting positive and connect to their higher self.

In short, they will look at life with a new shot towards prosperity.

This healing should be continued till desired results are achieved with patience. The healing frequency will depend on the severity and need of each individual.

Read about healing frequency in BASIC POST 13.

For questions on procedures/or how to work with VK, read the posts in this link

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and its special feature of mimicking pure energy of Bach Flower remedies.

Do share your VK experiences to inspire many.


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