Y VK is not giving me any results

I have been using VK since Nov 20th from the day I received it.. I have been using it for various problems but y is it not giving me any results?? Please guide me..

Im chanting Golden Sunrise


  • Can you please elaborate what's the issue and what healings you are doing and what method
  • Being a new VK user I hope you have read all VK basics and especially for your answer to the question you specifically asked here Please read the guidance by Sharat Sir
  • @anuchoco


    How many days did you take to learn the basics of VK. Do you think you know the basics of VK.

    If yes please share how does VK work and
    what is the meaning of getting results with VK and
    how does one work with VK to get results.

    I am not refering to only READING of BASICs .. here i also refer to LEARNING of Basics of VK

    This question is to you to answer in addition to the questions asked by @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher in above comments

    Pl give answer to each of all questions written by VK teachers
  • May be i posted a wrong question.. Sorry ????
  • No you don't have to be sorry but team VK strongly recommend that every new user read and learn the basics of using VK to do any healing first and do the healing with patience and if you come to feel to this point that VK is not working for you then Team have to ask that How you are doing the healing
    If we will get answer only then we will be able to guide you further...
  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Today my mom said that her right leg foot is paining so i gave her healing in this way..
    Took vk and said pain care serum*3 golden sunrise*3 and rotated the vk around the pain area for about 15 minutes.. she said she got some relief from pain..

    Is this the correct way of healing.. please guide..
  • @anuchoco


    When you rotate VK upon any organ continuously without or with chanting of any Cosmic Serum or energy its called VITAL ORGAN BALANCING. Here there is continuous concentrated healing of the affected organ. This method is useful for chronic or acute pain or for faster healing.

    If you wish you can even chant GOLDEN SUNRISE continuously for few minutes or PAIN CARE SERUM continuously for few minutes while rotating VK over the organ ..so in this way you energise the organ continuously with these energies.

    Pl do read the articles on VITAL ORGAN BALANCING on litairian website for more understanding.

    Thank you for sharing your VK experiences

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts for your parents

    In addition to this what you have stated. you can give her charged drinking water or apply cream charged on the pain area.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Thanks for the reply mam.. Yeah I have chanted GOLDEN SUNRISE through out the process..
    Also as I mentioned in the earlier post about my dad's arthritis his hand got swollen so can i follow the same process while doing it for hand also..

    As suggested by you will also go through VOB..
    Thank you..
  • @anuchoco
    Please read all the links in VK BASICS category here in forum for better use of VK.

    Please read this link for Complete VOB process

    You can also do easy ways of VOB

    Also please read this article how to chant Cosmic Serum name with process of VOB
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher Thanks for the links ji..

    Will go through them for better understanding..
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