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10. What to do When You are not Getting Results With VK

If you have two thoughts which are opposite to each other, you may not get the expected results, but the results may be for your highest good e.g.

  1. A VK user wanted to go abroad for a job but he was constantly thinking who will take care of his parents in his homeland without him. So his wish was not manifested as he planned. He then decided to be in the homeland with his parents and look out for a better job in homeland itself.
  2. A VK user wanted to get married. She met a proposal and liked him. But was confused how she will cope up in a joint family. So this double-minded thought made her finally refuse the proposal. She needs to be clear next time while placing a request to VK.
  3. A VK user wanted to heal his/her toothache sending wrong energy like Immune Serum (Immune Serum is not designed for a toothache) or any other energy which is not designed for the problem. If you want to heal the problem choose appropriate energy and use it.
  4. A broken glass or a fuse bulb cannot be repaired and reshape using VK. One should follow Nature's Law. Same as a pregnant lady cannot deliver a healthy baby in 6 months.
  5. As you know VK does follow Nature's Law, therefore, a dead person cannot be revived using it.

When we say "VK has unlimited possibility" it means one can ease his/her life using VK, same as "Sky is the Limit" but we have to follow certain rules while traveling in the space.


  • edited July 2019

    Please Remember: Always chose appropriate energy for the quick and optimum results.

    Do work with patience and actions as a VK user

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