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Re-alingnment of left knee after Compress fracture.

Golden Sunrise and Divine Love to all.
Sir,i have erlier asked the remedy for this,again I wish to know solution and request again.
I had a fracture on 18may2018,due to slip by push of vehicle,Dr.said after X-ray this is a compress fracture,need to operate plate may fix,later on he himself refused due to my diabetic and fix a plaster for 40 days,afterwords Dr.said it may OK after some time,till this moment I am not able to walk confidently without stick.
In my past period I was a marathon runner,now my life is stand still very less movement.being a VK user how can I help myself to begin to Run again.


  • @Shirish ji
    Which energy or healing are you giving until now to your knee fracture.
    Can you Please share the link where you were guided solution earlier.
  • Golden Sunrise,Punit ji I am new user of VK from 16nov18,i did not tried other.only Energy charged water for general health like cold,cough which is still in process,as me and my wife are senior citizen and age is barrier to effect on every thing.
  • One thing I do every day is moving VK 50 times in one time on left and right knee to feel the change happened in fractured knee.
  • @Shirish ji,
    Please charge your water with combination of GOLDEN SUNRISE, PERFECT HEALTH SERUM, PAIN CARE SERUM, BALANCE SERUM.

    Also charge any Cream or pain balm with PAIN CARE SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE and apply it on your knees and other affected area.
    You can use this for any Body Pain issue.
  • @Shirish ji,
    The method of moving VK on any body part or organ is also known as VITAL ORGAN BALANCING
    You can also do this with continous chanting of Pain Care Serum or with Golden Sunrise.

    Please read this link below for complete guidance of process of VOB
  • @Shirish ji
    You can also charge a water bottle For diabetes with a combination GOLDEN SUNRISE + KEY PEN SERUM +BALANCE SERUM.
  • Golden Sunrise
    Divine Love,f or valuable guidance.
    Punitive sir,first I am going to follow charging of water along with medicine.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you.
  • @Shirish ji

    An idea clicked that you could MIMICK the plate effect with safety and security.

    Try this for few days ....does it give you good relief.

    Keep the intention to VK to mimick the plate effect as suggested by Dr. XYZ for my knees with safety and security.

    Another experiment you can do is to request VK ....Give my knees strength which is in a marathon you will mimick the STRENGTH of knees which can run a marathon.

    I have done similar requests many times and i have got wonderful experiences.....

    Pl do all requests with safety and security.
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